Saturday, September 29, 2012

2 boys, OH BOY!...

This is Steve again...

As you know by now my wife and I are having 2 boys. With this comes great excitement but also great responsibility. Responsibility outside of the obvious things like loving , feeding, and changing them. We have the potential to put out into the world two productive and responsible MEN. All parents obviously have this opportunity. However there are a lot of assholes out there in the world. I am not saying that by any means is it always the parents fault for what the child ends up becoming as an adult. I am saying though that some parents don't exactly give their children the best tools to work with. Some parents don't show their kids enough attention or positive re-enforcement. Others allow abuse to go on in the household. Some expect the school systems and/or TV to be the babysitter. Whatever it may be it is proven that with this type of upbringing it can  bring out the douchebag in your child later in life.

As a product of an abusive household I can testify that life has been challenging as an adult. It took me awhile to realize that physical abuse was not the normal. That yelling was not the only way to communicate. It took me awhile to learn how to trust people again.

I have learned that in being a parent the best thing we can do for our children is learn from our parents mistakes. To take the things that worked and trash the things that didn't.

By doing this we can assure that eventually the world will be a better place full of amazing people.

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  1. Good for you .! So glad I've met so many other positive people and cycle breakers.!