Monday, September 17, 2012

31 weeks pregnant...UGH!

Today puts me at 31 weeks pregnant with these 2 trouble makers. I woke up to my first pregnancy dream this morning...quite unpleasant! I was dreaming that my belly was transparent and I could see the babies, but the babies looked like shriveled infant versions of this...

Let's all hope that's the first and last time that happens! 

At this point my days don't consist of much excitement. I am unable to fit my belly into many of the maternity clothes I have, and usually I am pretty uncomfortable no matter what I try to wear. I usually spend days in bed propped up on a pile of pillows laying slightly on my left side. Eating is an infrequent event due mostly to the fact that there isn't much room in my stomach. A child sized portion of anything usually makes me feel like I've just finished a huge Thanksgiving dinner!

The babies are getting quite large! They should each be about 3.5 lbs at this point, so obviously I am feeling huge with the two of them in there! Their movements can be very strong at times, but for the most part is seems as though their kicks and punches have decreased as their space has.

I'm working on packing a hospital bag today. It's advised that with twins it should have been done and in the car by 30 weeks, but time got away from us I suppose. We have a prenatal visit tomorrow and an ultrasound coming up soon after. From then on we'll be monitored in the hospital a couple of times per week until these little guys are born. Twins are generally born by 36 weeks, so we don't have too much longer to go!


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