Sunday, September 23, 2012

32 weeks and counting....

We have managed to make it to 32 weeks (picture below)! The past week has been a bit crazier than most. We had our regular OB check up on Tuesday and everything was great. I had even gained a pound! Then Wednesday night regular and frequent contractions began out of the blue and they hadn't let up by Thursday morning. I called the doctor and she told us to head over to the hospital. The wait was ridiculous, but I finally got hooked up to all sorts of monitors and they could measure the contractions. They were coming about 5 times an hour with a lot of irritability in between. The doctor ordered an ultrasound to check on the babies and their fluid. They were just fine, but Baby B had flipped breech =/ Baby B has already earned the title of Trouble Maker! A is so subdued, B is a maniac! (picture example? below...our B will be the one on the right!)

Anyway, they didn't see any significant change to my cervix from the contractions, but they didn't want to chance it so they decided to give me a shot or Terbutaline to stop them. Terbutaline is worthless. It caused my blood pressure to drop to unreadable levels, I passed out, the contractions never stopped, and I had heart palpitations all night. The nurse put ice on my head and used smelling salts until I woke up from passing out. It took around 5 minutes for my blood pressure to raise enough for her to get a reading on it, at which point it was 72/44. They discharged me with the instructions to see my doctor first thing Friday morning. (yes, as soon as my blood pressure was above 80/60 they got me up and said goodbye...although I was dying of thirst and missed my own bed so I didn't complain) As soon as I got home the contractions started up again, and now my heart was racing from the shot. It was a very long night. In the morning we saw our doctor first thing. She gave us both good and bad news.

Good news: the babies are fine, labor before 33 weeks is very unlikely, and my body is definitely preparing to get these babies born.  
Bad news: I lost 2 pounds between Tuesday and Friday, the Terbutaline isn't something I should be given again, and the contractions are going to continue from now until the birth, so I should get used to being (even more) uncomfortable.

So that's pretty much it. Crazy week with a boring result: sit around, have contractions, and wait. We will begin contraction monitoring and ultrasounds at the hospital on Mondays and Thursdays starting October 1 (next Monday). We also have our regular OB visits on Tuesday afternoons, so our weeks are basically just going to be baby appointments from here on out! These boys are closing in on 4lbs a piece, so my belly is ridiculous. I think the worst part is that neither of them appreciate being laid on, so no matter what side I attempt to lay on I get poked, kicked, and pushed until I change positions, at which point that one's brother gets pissed and does the same. As crazy as it sounds, I spend A LOT of time in this position:
The whole nesting thing people talk about? Yeah I don't think it happens with twins. I'm far too big and far too uncomfortable to care about if anything around the house is clean or organized! Steve has been keeping up with most of the household stuff, but in all honesty that's the last of our worries. We do have the nursery ready though! The babies are going to be sleeping together in a co-sleeper near our bed for a while though, so the nursery is kind of a moot point =)

For anyone who checked this out to see my moose-like you are...32 week belly...good lord you all have no idea how much I wish I could go on a run!

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