Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not exactly BREAKING NEWS!...

This is Steve, I am the father. Glad we got that over with...now on to more important stuff:

The one thing that has bothered me more than anything else during this entire pregnancy is when people find out we are pregnant with twins they say "You two are going to have your hands full", "Its going to be so much extra work with two", "With two you're going to have to buy double of everything!"...whoa...what???! You're telling me that with two babies I can't just buy ONE of everything and hope they don't notice?! Are you kidding me? NOW YOU TELL ME! This whole time I was just going to change, feed, burp, and bath one of them and then switch off the next day and use all the same stuff again. Boy am I glad you came along with this tidbit of information. I mean come on, really people? Look, I love all the advice we have been given and I know that most of the people saying these things don't mean anything by it but when you have to go 36 weeks hearing it over and over and over and over...at some point you just want to go all HULK on someone for pointing out the obvious. I just have to assume that these people feel obligated to say it because sadly we all can admit that there is at least one couple out there expecting twins that DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THIS and thanks to them ALL of us expecting twins are getting the "common sense disclaimer." (not the official name but its what I am calling it)

Thanks for listening. You've been a great audience.

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  1. Hahaha so true.! Wanna go all HULK SMASH on incompent think I know it all people lol