Sunday, October 7, 2012

34 weeks...I'm ready already!

Week 34 is upon us as of tomorrow. I can honestly say I have no idea how these boys are still hanging in there...they can't possibly have any room! There is over 8.5lbs of babies in there already...maybe more! I say this very hesitantly, but I still don't have any stretch marks...I'm positive I'm going to wake up one morning looking like a tiger!

We started NST (non stress testing) at the hospital this past week. We go every Monday and Thursday to monitor the babies' heart rates, and then they check their fluid levels and position with an ultrasound. Everything looked good this week. Baby A is still head down (not likely to move now they said) with a strong and steady heartbeat. Baby B was doing acrobatics as usual. He's still breech and slightly bigger than his brother, and during the testing he was doing his best to kick the monitors off my belly! He is definitely our maniac :) (his heartbeat is strong too) Both guys had plenty of fluid, and there were no signs at all of impending labor.
This is how the babies are laying. A being head down and B being head up but moving constantly!

My school threw Steve and I a bab(ies) shower on Friday :) We were so happy to see everyone and have some laughs! Thank you to everyone that was involved. We appreciate the thoughtful gifts and the kind words of encouragement. The cake was absolutely adorable! I can't wait to bring these little guys to see everyone once they get here :)

I've had a lot of trouble with dizziness and blurred vision. This has been going on since around the 18th week, so although it isn't new, it's getting worse. This past week it even happened twice while I was laying down! We had some issues with my doctor's office staff about it. Their solution was to go to Labor and Delivery Triage, but because it is connected to the ER (and their new policy is to pay an ER copay just to be seen), we have to pay $150 any time we walk in there. I'll let you do the math, but we've been sent there 3 times during office hours and gone on our own twice at night or on the weekend....... Needless to say no one could afford that, and it's our doctor's responsibility to see us during business hours anyway, especially when all they wanted done was a blood pressure test (which as far as I can tell can be done for FREE at any drug store). So anyhow, it took some very firm statements, but I eventually got a call from another doctor's nurse within our practice. That doctor had looked over my chart and believes I'm experiencing sudden drops in my blood pressure throughout the day as they babies are getting bigger and demanding more from my blood supply. Since my normal BP is around 92/60 any drops can cause me to become hypotensive, and begin feeling like I'm going to pass out. They suggested modified "recliner" rest, meaning don't do to much but hang out in an upright position (not that I was anyway...), but I also can't drive alone now and I'm not allowed to drive more than a couple of miles =/ Stinks because Steve goes to school in Bradenton 3 days a week, so until these munchkins come into the world I'll be relying on help to get him there. HUGE thank yous to everyone that has offered to help. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you all in our lives, and once I'm me again I promise I will make it up to everyone!

We got the nursery done, and our cosleeper arrived this week! That thing is incredible! It is similar to a pack and play, but about half the size. It hooks up to our bed, and allows both babies to sleep safely right next to us (but not in our bed). It will allow us to minimize the amount of times we spend getting up at all hours of the night/day! This way if we're sleeping and one (or both) baby gets fussy he can be quickly fed, changed, etc and put right back to sleep...and so can we LOL

I think that's about it in the way of updates for the week. Just a couple more weeks to go and soon we can put some baby photos on our updates! :)

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