Sunday, October 14, 2012

35 Weeks. Unbelieveable!

Some how we have made it this far...35 weeks tomorrow. I honestly have no idea where my 5'4'' usually 125lb self created the room for all of this, but these boys don't seem too concerned about their close living quarters. In fact, it's starting to feel like they just may take up permanent residence..... =/ As of today I still only have 1 small U-shaped stretch mark where my belly button ring used to be, although I am not counting out the fact that I could wake up any day with a ton! Over the last 2 weeks I gained 5lbs, which is the largest gain during this whole pregnancy, and I'm pretty sure it's all water. Totally gross and uncomfortable! I officially do not fit into maternity clothes without a certain amount of "tweaking". We haven't had a growth scan in a couple of weeks, but as long as things are still on track the boys should be measuring about 5lbs or a little above....too early for math?....10+lbs of babies!!!!!
Taken today...10/14/12

So what's new? Let's see.... this last week was sort of a blur. I had a NST Monday and it was too funny! Baby A was his usual subdued sleepy self, but he passed his test. Baby B was a wild man, as he usually is, but Monday he was EXTRA wild. He was still breech only now he had gotten his feet up by his face, and he was bouncing his butt in A's face. Yup, crazy. He passed as well, no contractions, all was fine. I had another NST Thursday and we got great news! BABY B FINALLY TURNED HEAD DOWN!!!! We aren't placing any bets on him, but we were really happy to see their little heads side by side. A was super low and I was having a ton of cramping and mild contractions, but unfortunately not enough to do anything darn it! But this is great news for us, because as long as things stay the way they are we are looking at a non medicated natural delivery. Fingers crossed! Oh and good lord...if you were born with any foot deformity or have had surgery on a lower extremity get ready to explain yourself to 1,000 people every single time you have a doctors appointment late in pregnancy! Nurses, techs, and doctors are convinced I have extreme swelling and possible preeclampsia at every test. I show them the scars, I explain the birth defect, but I still get told "But it's swollen...this doesn't look normal" from everyone that comes in the room...thanks, but I assure you, this is normal. Jerks.
This was taken the day Baby B was found head down :) 10/11/12

Steve's TRX class surprised us with a very generous gift to Target to help us get any last minute items from our registry. Thank you so much to everyone that contributed. These monsters will be cloth diapered for a full year thanks to you!!! And thank you so much to a couple of anonymous friends who dropped by during the week to check in, helped us with driving since I'm relatively stuck here!, and gave us baby gifts just because you were thinking about us. We are so grateful for all of the help and generosity, and believe me it isn't going unnoticed.
This is what a NST (non stress test) looks like...for over an hour...YAWN!

This upcoming week we have NSTs on Monday and Thursday, as well as our OB appointment on Tuesday to discuss delivery...hopefully it's soon! If anything new happens one of us will post it here =)

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