Monday, October 15, 2012

Excuse me while I lose my $#!& for a second.

This has been touched upon before, and I very calmly explained my feelings about it, I even wrote an informative post on multiples pregnancies, but I have neither the patience or the energy to keep myself calm at the moment so here it goes...

Do not offer us CONDOLENCES when you hear we are having more than one baby. Our babies are not a disease, a divorce, a death, an alcoholic family member, or even a stubbed toe. They are babies. Happy things........

I appreciate the people who have offered us HELPFUL advice, especially during the really hard parts of this difficult pregnancy, and this is not directed at that. 

This is aimed at the people who have things to say like:
"Oh man am I sorry for you guys."
"How are you going to manage financially?"
"To be honest that sounds terrible."
"You poor poor things!"
"Kiss happiness goodbye."
"Twins? Yeah you were a runner...."
"I would hate to have twins."
"Better you than me!"

I promise you, every mother and father of twins, triplets, etc. has heard similar statements, and are equally put off by them. It doesn't matter if you giggle or say "Just kidding!" after these things come out of your mouth. If we were broke and having our 6th kid and you had some opinion about that I doubt you would walk right up to us and say it out loud. And I know every stranger we ran into wouldn't. So why is it alright to say these things to us? It's not. If you don't have something nice, positive, or encouraging to say, about something that should be a nice, happy, and positive thing, then shut your mouth. We're excited to be having twins. We couldn't imagine leaving the hospital with just one baby. If you can't wrap your mind around it and all you can manage to say is some crap about "how sorry you are for us" save it, because we don't want to hear that, or anything else for that matter, from you.

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  1. Wow the things people say.! I have twins and triplets on both sides of my family so I was kinda hoping to get some.multiples.there's still time ;) I tell you it gives a meaning to the "terrible twos" makes me think of dr seuss.! Twinies are the cutest.! My mom watches kaylyn and daylyn (you guessed it.. twins.!!!) And they are the cutest strawberry blonde and red headed kids ever.!: ) congratulations on your beautiful baby boys .!!