Saturday, October 27, 2012

Game on!

This is Steve, the father, and I am writing this from the hospital room while Claire is in the "oh so comfy" bed next to me. She has been so uncomfortable and miserable lately, which if you have been reading her blogs you are well aware, so I finally put my foot down with the doctors and made them listen to us and they told us to come in for tests right away. As of right now they are saying that we will be here until the doctors decide exactly WHEN to have the c-section. So we are playing the waiting game but at least we are in the hospital where they can see what we have been saying along that is going on with her and actually try and help her.

We are ready to get them out and to get this whole pregnancy thing behind us!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Done. Over it. Sense of humor? Lost it.

This had better be my last post before I can say I know the babies' birth date...

Mom is done. I'm cashing out. These boys have used up every last resource I have, and there is nothing left. I surrender. Get them out.........

So we spent yesterday in the L&D triage (ER for pregnant people) because I called my doctor to let her know my little spontaneous regurgitation problem was getting much worse. They ordered blood work and monitoring so we headed over. Five hours later they told me my blood looks perfectly fine and the babies are great so we should just go home. Not sure if they discharged me prematurely due to the fact that the teenage chick next to me believed she was in labor with baby #3 (winning!), or what, but we left...

So what's my problem? I'll tell you...I CAN'T EAT AND I'M LOSING IT! I'm only going to go back six weeks for the sake of time, but since 30 weeks I haven't been able to keep pretty much anything down. I was relying on Boost nutrition drinks for a while, then I got Nexium, it helped for a while, but now it doesn't because this is not acid reflux. This is just random throwing up problem. There's no warning whatsoever. I don't feel sick. I can be driving and all of a sudden........ gross. Our neighbors bushes became a victim 2 days ago.

So I've got 2 (around) 6lb humans getting fat off of my body, meanwhile I can't eat or drink. I'm lucky to consume 500 calories in a day, and most of that doesn't last. I feel like I'm losing my mind due to malnutrition and dehydration, and what does my doctor and the nurses have to say is "Sorry you're so uncomfortable. We know how you must feel." Oh really?! You've been in this situation??! No I didn't think you had. Wipe the smile off your face, stop telling me how adorable these kids are going to be, and give me a damn solution. If one more labor and delivery nurse smiles while she tells me something completely unhelpful I swear I'll lose it. I would like to request cancer ward nurses be there during the delivery. At least they won't be so damn cutesy about everything.
This is seriously how dumb the nurses look to me when they're assuring me I'm fine....

I have fetal heart rate monitoring tomorrow and Monday, and then I will meet with my doctor Tuesday after the final growth scan. I'll be 37 weeks. I am either leaving with a c section date within the week or I'm asking to be admitted into the hospital so that I don't completely lose it. To be blatantly honest I have stopped caring about how wonderful the babies are doing. I get it, I know they're healthy, they're wiggling around in my uterus. I'm concerned with the care of the mother, MY health and mental well being, which apparently isn't very important to obstetricians, but I'm sure you can all tell is deteriorating........

Monday, October 22, 2012

36 weeks...come on out munchkins!

Finally! 36 weeks! Huge milestone for twin of now there's next to nothing developmentally that we would need to worry about if these guys were born! They are somewhere around 19 inches and a little more than 5.5 lbs...about this size...each...

crenshaw melon
We know they are still both head down, and at this point there's pretty much no way they could possibly move! We haven't had a growth scan to determine their exact sizes since the 4th, but we do have one next Tuesday that we're looking forward to....if we make it.... ;) We've been walking about 2 miles a night, I'm bouncing on a yoga ball constantly, and I'm willing to take natural induction advice from anyone that has any! I really do not want to carry these boys into the 38th week. Our doctor says it's fine and we may go full term blah blah blah, but I've had nothing but time to learn about twins for the last 9 months, and I know that after 38 weeks the placentas become more or less inefficient. This can cause all sorts of boys...come on out!!!  For anyone wondering what's going on's a view! Ours are side by side rather than front and back though.
Another big belly got wayyyy low this past week! I wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't seen these two pictures taken side by side. The top photo was taken Friday 10.19 and the bottom photo was taken only 5 days prior on Sunday 10.14...big difference! I can't see my belly button anymore!
Oh, and next year for Halloween...I'm pretty sure these little bubs will be going in the following costumes ;)

Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we dine in Hell

Monday, October 15, 2012

Excuse me while I lose my $#!& for a second.

This has been touched upon before, and I very calmly explained my feelings about it, I even wrote an informative post on multiples pregnancies, but I have neither the patience or the energy to keep myself calm at the moment so here it goes...

Do not offer us CONDOLENCES when you hear we are having more than one baby. Our babies are not a disease, a divorce, a death, an alcoholic family member, or even a stubbed toe. They are babies. Happy things........

I appreciate the people who have offered us HELPFUL advice, especially during the really hard parts of this difficult pregnancy, and this is not directed at that. 

This is aimed at the people who have things to say like:
"Oh man am I sorry for you guys."
"How are you going to manage financially?"
"To be honest that sounds terrible."
"You poor poor things!"
"Kiss happiness goodbye."
"Twins? Yeah you were a runner...."
"I would hate to have twins."
"Better you than me!"

I promise you, every mother and father of twins, triplets, etc. has heard similar statements, and are equally put off by them. It doesn't matter if you giggle or say "Just kidding!" after these things come out of your mouth. If we were broke and having our 6th kid and you had some opinion about that I doubt you would walk right up to us and say it out loud. And I know every stranger we ran into wouldn't. So why is it alright to say these things to us? It's not. If you don't have something nice, positive, or encouraging to say, about something that should be a nice, happy, and positive thing, then shut your mouth. We're excited to be having twins. We couldn't imagine leaving the hospital with just one baby. If you can't wrap your mind around it and all you can manage to say is some crap about "how sorry you are for us" save it, because we don't want to hear that, or anything else for that matter, from you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

35 Weeks. Unbelieveable!

Some how we have made it this far...35 weeks tomorrow. I honestly have no idea where my 5'4'' usually 125lb self created the room for all of this, but these boys don't seem too concerned about their close living quarters. In fact, it's starting to feel like they just may take up permanent residence..... =/ As of today I still only have 1 small U-shaped stretch mark where my belly button ring used to be, although I am not counting out the fact that I could wake up any day with a ton! Over the last 2 weeks I gained 5lbs, which is the largest gain during this whole pregnancy, and I'm pretty sure it's all water. Totally gross and uncomfortable! I officially do not fit into maternity clothes without a certain amount of "tweaking". We haven't had a growth scan in a couple of weeks, but as long as things are still on track the boys should be measuring about 5lbs or a little above....too early for math?....10+lbs of babies!!!!!
Taken today...10/14/12

So what's new? Let's see.... this last week was sort of a blur. I had a NST Monday and it was too funny! Baby A was his usual subdued sleepy self, but he passed his test. Baby B was a wild man, as he usually is, but Monday he was EXTRA wild. He was still breech only now he had gotten his feet up by his face, and he was bouncing his butt in A's face. Yup, crazy. He passed as well, no contractions, all was fine. I had another NST Thursday and we got great news! BABY B FINALLY TURNED HEAD DOWN!!!! We aren't placing any bets on him, but we were really happy to see their little heads side by side. A was super low and I was having a ton of cramping and mild contractions, but unfortunately not enough to do anything darn it! But this is great news for us, because as long as things stay the way they are we are looking at a non medicated natural delivery. Fingers crossed! Oh and good lord...if you were born with any foot deformity or have had surgery on a lower extremity get ready to explain yourself to 1,000 people every single time you have a doctors appointment late in pregnancy! Nurses, techs, and doctors are convinced I have extreme swelling and possible preeclampsia at every test. I show them the scars, I explain the birth defect, but I still get told "But it's swollen...this doesn't look normal" from everyone that comes in the room...thanks, but I assure you, this is normal. Jerks.
This was taken the day Baby B was found head down :) 10/11/12

Steve's TRX class surprised us with a very generous gift to Target to help us get any last minute items from our registry. Thank you so much to everyone that contributed. These monsters will be cloth diapered for a full year thanks to you!!! And thank you so much to a couple of anonymous friends who dropped by during the week to check in, helped us with driving since I'm relatively stuck here!, and gave us baby gifts just because you were thinking about us. We are so grateful for all of the help and generosity, and believe me it isn't going unnoticed.
This is what a NST (non stress test) looks like...for over an hour...YAWN!

This upcoming week we have NSTs on Monday and Thursday, as well as our OB appointment on Tuesday to discuss delivery...hopefully it's soon! If anything new happens one of us will post it here =)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

34 weeks...I'm ready already!

Week 34 is upon us as of tomorrow. I can honestly say I have no idea how these boys are still hanging in there...they can't possibly have any room! There is over 8.5lbs of babies in there already...maybe more! I say this very hesitantly, but I still don't have any stretch marks...I'm positive I'm going to wake up one morning looking like a tiger!

We started NST (non stress testing) at the hospital this past week. We go every Monday and Thursday to monitor the babies' heart rates, and then they check their fluid levels and position with an ultrasound. Everything looked good this week. Baby A is still head down (not likely to move now they said) with a strong and steady heartbeat. Baby B was doing acrobatics as usual. He's still breech and slightly bigger than his brother, and during the testing he was doing his best to kick the monitors off my belly! He is definitely our maniac :) (his heartbeat is strong too) Both guys had plenty of fluid, and there were no signs at all of impending labor.
This is how the babies are laying. A being head down and B being head up but moving constantly!

My school threw Steve and I a bab(ies) shower on Friday :) We were so happy to see everyone and have some laughs! Thank you to everyone that was involved. We appreciate the thoughtful gifts and the kind words of encouragement. The cake was absolutely adorable! I can't wait to bring these little guys to see everyone once they get here :)

I've had a lot of trouble with dizziness and blurred vision. This has been going on since around the 18th week, so although it isn't new, it's getting worse. This past week it even happened twice while I was laying down! We had some issues with my doctor's office staff about it. Their solution was to go to Labor and Delivery Triage, but because it is connected to the ER (and their new policy is to pay an ER copay just to be seen), we have to pay $150 any time we walk in there. I'll let you do the math, but we've been sent there 3 times during office hours and gone on our own twice at night or on the weekend....... Needless to say no one could afford that, and it's our doctor's responsibility to see us during business hours anyway, especially when all they wanted done was a blood pressure test (which as far as I can tell can be done for FREE at any drug store). So anyhow, it took some very firm statements, but I eventually got a call from another doctor's nurse within our practice. That doctor had looked over my chart and believes I'm experiencing sudden drops in my blood pressure throughout the day as they babies are getting bigger and demanding more from my blood supply. Since my normal BP is around 92/60 any drops can cause me to become hypotensive, and begin feeling like I'm going to pass out. They suggested modified "recliner" rest, meaning don't do to much but hang out in an upright position (not that I was anyway...), but I also can't drive alone now and I'm not allowed to drive more than a couple of miles =/ Stinks because Steve goes to school in Bradenton 3 days a week, so until these munchkins come into the world I'll be relying on help to get him there. HUGE thank yous to everyone that has offered to help. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you all in our lives, and once I'm me again I promise I will make it up to everyone!

We got the nursery done, and our cosleeper arrived this week! That thing is incredible! It is similar to a pack and play, but about half the size. It hooks up to our bed, and allows both babies to sleep safely right next to us (but not in our bed). It will allow us to minimize the amount of times we spend getting up at all hours of the night/day! This way if we're sleeping and one (or both) baby gets fussy he can be quickly fed, changed, etc and put right back to sleep...and so can we LOL

I think that's about it in the way of updates for the week. Just a couple more weeks to go and soon we can put some baby photos on our updates! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4 days difference?!?!

<----This picture was taken Friday

<----This picture was taken Tuesday

How the heck am I going to survive another 4 weeks of this?!

Week 33...they're killin' me!

Oh boy oh boy.Well this past week involved yet another trip to L&D due to possibly losing fluid. Luckily it turned out to be a false alarm...and we'll be adding Depends to our grocery store list..... SMH! We did find out that Baby B had gone back to a head down position though, so when we left the hospital we were in good spirits.

We went to our ultrasound appointment today and wouldn't you
know it? In less than 48 hours Baby B managed to flip back breech!!! He is a maniac! Unfortunately for us he is also the bigger baby, so our chances of having a natural labor are now very slim.  Unless something has changed by our appointment on the 16th these guys will be born c-section =/ Leaves me in a pretty lousy mood today. We got some pictures of them today, but because they are so squished they are very hard to see and aren't all that "cute". I've also attached an updated picture of my ridiculously huge belly and a ceiling fan I made for the nursery. It has little monsters on it :)
8lbs or more of babies...there's no way I can keep the stretch marks away much longer

Baby B's smooshed face             

Baby A's scary looking self

Silly monster fan created by me :)