Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Because I want everyone to be as informed as I WISH I was.........

Let me preface this with the fact that I'm not spouting conspiracy here. The United States performs this procedure readily, but it's rare in many parts of the world. In fact, aside from the U.S., it's really only prevalent in the Muslim world, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Here we have a neonatal immobilizer. It's a restraint system used to tie a newborn baby's hands and legs down while a doctor performs a circumcision.  Sometimes support staff will physically restrain the infant.

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When I was pregnant I was hormonal and plenty opinionated. I had something to say about damn near everything. I called a co-sleeper a "divorce in a box" (I now bed share....) and I didn't even think about circumcision, I was just going to. I didn't have a reason to, it was just something that I was going to do. Looking back, I want to slap myself. Honestly, it is a horrific thing to do if you don't have a valid reason.  My own father tried discussing this issue with me and I was so quick to dismiss the conversation.

I am writing this post because I feel now, after a very close call, and a lot of reading, that aside from birth defects and devout religious reasons (and I'm not talking about Christianity...if you are you better do your homework because you read something wrong), there really aren't any "valid" reasons. I really wish I read someone's blog and was more informed.

Our baby boys were born early and needed some time in the NICU. Because of that, and only because of that, they were not circumcised in the hospital. I was instructed to call my OB once we were all home and she would do the procedure at her office. Well I called to set up the appointment, and what happened next changed my feelings on the entire issue almost immediately. First, the nurse gave me the appointment date and time, which happened to be one that Steve could not be there for. Second, she told me that the boys would not be able to be diapered, but would be wrapped up and still need to be buckled into their tight car seats to leave. Third, she informed me what the following few hours would be like...home alone with TWO screaming in pain babies who were now two weeks old. She added, with a chuckle (!), that she had a hard time with her son and "I don't envy you with two!" I had the hardest time bringing this issue up with Steve that evening. For some reason I thought his opinion on the issue was he wanted it done, but once we finally communicated we realized neither one of us wanted to unnecessarily cause harm to the boys, and that's basically what we would be doing. I called and cancelled the appointment the following morning.

I hate to think of it, but had the boys not been in NICU we probably would have had it done, and I would be regretting it now. Our babies are perfect, and I can't think of a single reason that a piece of them would need to be removed. Whether you agree with our decision or not, please at least research the facts before you decide to make up your mind on the issue. I WISH I knew what I know now...I wouldn't have said all the dumb things I did. The doctors and nurses I dealt with never offered me any real information, only an appointment time, a bill, and half-assed tips on how to soothe twins in agony. Remember that they are making money, you are raising children.


PS I am not anti circumcision, I just don't feel that just because we are their parents we can decide that sort of thing, the same way that I wouldn't have them tattooed. When the boys grow up they can decide for themselves what they want done to their bodies.
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  1. If you think its bad getting a circumcision now as babies, not knowing any different - how will it be getting it done when the boys "can make a choice" at 21 years old? How SAFE and PAINFUL will it be for them? A lot more dangerous later on in life......

    1. I doubt they would choose to, but if they do, so be it. I stand by my choice and doubt I could look at myself the same way if I had done it. There simply isn't any reason that it would need to be done, so why would I? They're perfect itty bitty babies at the moment, but if they're anything like their dad, they'll grow up and get bumps, bruises, and scars I'm sure. I'm not comfortable being the reason behind one though, and for no reason? Why would I do that? And their dad feels the same way, it's a pointless, painful procedure. We aren't religious, the boys don't have birth defects, and we're plenty capable as parents to teach them how to stay clean ;)

    2. Tammy, Please inform yourself....
      No grown man has ever died from circumcision surgery. But 117-200 infant boys die each year from this cosmetic procedure....

      Grown men can get adequate pain meds before, during and after. They don't have to sit in a urine and feces filled diaper after the surgery. Like infant boys do. They can have their penis stick to the diaper and have it ripped off.

      I would rather my child remember it, and have proper pain meds, than "not remember it" and possibly die from it. I was uninformed and allowed my son to get cut. And he has had nothing but problems since. And he is 4 and complains EVERY DAY that his penis hurts him. His penis is sideways because they screwed it up. He will need surgery to fix it later in life. I HATE myself because of it.

      You never hear of babies dying because the parents are paid off and are to upset to admit that their choice to have a cosmetic procedure done on their son, was a choice that killed him. It only takes 2oz of blood for a newborn to bleed to death.

      I am currently pregnant and due in August. If this baby is a boy, he will remain INTACT!