Thursday, January 17, 2013

Linea Nigra vs. Hot Yoga...who knew!!??

There is this less than awesome line that many women begin to get during the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. It's called the Linea nigra (latin for "black line") and it can run vertically down your whole abdomen. It's caused by hormones produced by the placenta, and can get quite unsightly. 

I didn't really care much about it while I was pregnant. Honestly it was the least of my worries! Once I got home from the hospital and began to feel like my old self it really started to bother me though. It was this horribly dark line, and I'm a pretty pale person! Anyway, I read that it generally fades away during the first year after pregnancy, so I figured I would have to wait it out. 

Fast forward to seven weeks postpartum. My husband and I went out, sans babies, for an evening of hot yoga at a studio called Body Heat here in Sarasota. We had an amazing first class back and I was feeling so great afterwards. We picked up the boys from their grandparents and headed home to get cleaned up. Well imagine my surprise as this ugly dark line began to wash off with simple bar soap in the shower! First of all (I'm showing my ignorance here), I thought the line was under the skin, I had no idea it was more like dead skin, or a sunburn. Secondly, I was expecting this line to hang around, all dark and ugly, for a whole year!

I am now 11 weeks postpartum and you can still see it, but believe me (you'll have to because I never took a before was that ugly!) when I say it's easily 20 shades lighter than it was, and my belly button doesn't look all black anymore either! I spoke to a couple of moms on baby forums that had also done hot yoga after birth, and they both said that they had experienced the same quick fading/exfoliation (?) that I did. If your ugly line is still lingering and driving you nuts, or if you just want an awesome workout for your mind and your body,  give hot yoga a try. Since the boys were born at the end of October, Steve and I have gotten out twice at night without the boys. Both times we have chosen to do hot yoga at Body Heat with Kelly Prince over anything else. It is that awesome :)

11 week postpartum and fading fast!

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