Friday, January 25, 2013

Some "Manput"...

Okay fellas, This is Steve, and I am the Father of 2 twin boys and let me tell you what I've learned...


For those of you that feel the need for explanation let me enlighten you:

My wife during the pregnancy was aware of the fact that she knew nothing about babies or what to do during labor and especially after having them. I also knew this fact to be true about myself. Here is the differences on how we handled this knowledge...

She downloaded apps on her phone about babies. These apps lead her to support groups where she could ask questions to other mothers going through or who have gone through the same thing. I chose to assume things will just work themselves out. She reached out to thousands of people. She researched numerous topics and concerns about babies, motherhood, how to financially make it all work, etc. I for the lack of better words...did not. She became so well versed on so many topics that she became the teacher/educator to other mothers. I liked to cry in the shower. She read books, compared websites, compared our situation with others in the same boat...I...well lets just say I wasn't much help when it came to having an idea of what to do. This doesn't mean that I didn't care or didn't accept the fact that we were having twins...I just didn't know what my role was and what I should do to help out. It almost felt like it was "her thing" when it came to finding all of these things out and she would just relay the information to me. Thankfully she didn't resent me or find it to be a problem that I didn't do these things because in all honesty I should of done more.

As guys we are so quick to just "go with the flow" or "we will handle it when/if it happens" and unfortunately when you are talking about having a family this mindset just doesn't fly.

So keep in mind, when it comes to this kind of thing, if you cannot or choose not to be involved in learning and researching all of these things that your wife is indeed more equipped than you are and you can learn something from listening to her. So sit back, shut up, and listen. Its not a matter of you MAY learn something, you WILL, and you will be a better husband and father for doing so.

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