Thursday, January 24, 2013

THEY'RE SO DARN CUTE!...and environmentally friendly :)

As I've mentioned before, I wanted to cloth diaper from basically the beginning of my pregnancy. I can't stand the crinkle sound of disposable diapers, and they are such a mess, not to mention EXPENSIVE! When we found out we were having twins I wasn't sure we'd be able to do it, but when I thought about the cost of disposables per yer times two I was determined to make it work!

On top of the personal cost, disposable diapers are a nightmare for our landfills. Check out these statistics...gross!!!

So after a bunch of comparison shopping I decided to go with gDiapers. They are reasonably priced, they are very simple and convenient to use, and they are also easy to get (sold in store at babies r us, or from almost anywhere online).

Cloth diaper lesson time!
Step 1: Start with the "pants"

Step 2: Snap in the pouch

Step 3: Get a cloth insert and put it into the snap in pouch, softest side up

Step 4: Get a cloth liner and put it over the cloth...this keeps the poo off the cloth, and keeps the mess out of cloth diapering...they (and the poo) can easily be flushed and the cloth stays basically nasty-free

Your finished product looks like this:

Now when you go out you can either bring already stuffed diapers, or you can bring just the cloth and the liners for quick changes. I usually just bring a stack of the cloth and liners.

When I'm home I try to keep the drawer full of already stuffed diapers.

During a change the pieces needing cleaning go into a bucket with a mesh bag inside. When I need to do laundry I just toss the whole mesh bag in and the diapers come out and get cleaned with the agitation of the washer. I don't use any special cleaning products, and the diapers do not need to soak in anything. I simply use a cap full of Publix free and clear detergent. A cloth liner may have a small stain now and again, but it usually comes out in the next wash. I have been using these diapers for 3 months, and only today did we have our first blowout. It would have happened even in a disposable, and probably sooner.

Aside from the fact that they are in pieces (many can be reused which prolongs your next load of laundry), gDiapers are great because they velcro in the back, away from where the babies can get to them.

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, once you've got the Velcro stuck, reach in and make sure the snap in pouch is sitting on the baby's VERY FIRST crease of their leg. It should be fitting like regular underwear would. If you don't make sure to check you'll be dealing with leaks and red marks on their legs :(

If you notice in the background you see powder, no cream. Cream really doesn't work with cloth, it just gets absorbed. Honestly I don't really ever even need the powder, but sometimes after a bath I like to use it. When the boys have occasionally used a disposable diaper they almost immediately have a red heiny. It has NEVER happened in cloth.

Finished cutie butt product:

Our initial cloth diaper investment was under $300. I can foresee having to spend another $150 as the boys grow into medium, large, and then extra large sizes. And that's for two babies! Disposables would have run us about $2,000 per year until these guys were potty trained, and they would have added about 7,000 diapers to landfills...per year. Happy baby bums, happy wallets, happy environment...and EASY TO DO. If you aren't already doing it, it's never too late to start. Search cloth diapering online and see what's out there. Like I said, I chose gDiapers, but there are a ton on others on the market.

UPDATE: I have since started using a WAHM mom's line of cloth dipes. They are called bb Cheeks Cloth Diapers, and can be purchased online at or on Facebook at Her diapers are absolutely adorable, very simple to use, and fit babies 10-35 pounds!!! Here is a picture of my guys in their bb Cheeks ;)

I'll leave you with some old favorite cloth diaper pictures of the boys :)
2 weeks...TINY g pants :) (mommy put them on backwards..ooops)

10 weeks

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  1. Okay, well I totally learned something new. I had NO idea you were suppose to use the disposable liners with the cotton liners. Maybe that's why I found it so annoying, and I constantly ran out of the cloth liners. If I could try it again on Hunter without a huge investment I probably would. Noah is a bit too late, as he shouldn't be in diapers much longer. Cross my fingers.