Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time flew...we went from pregnancy, to insane pregnancy, to just plain insane! :)

I haven't posted here since my bubs arrived, and they turned 10 weeks old yesterday!!!! I figure I better update here before I continue on my once a week posts :)
The boys at 2 weeks old :) Kingston left Langston right
So the birth story is a damn horror story, and I won't go crazy with details, but I will say this...the babies were delivered via c section following a three day hospital stay for dehydration, malnutrition, and what they called "mental instability". If our OB had her way we would have been in the hospital for another 2 weeks, but my inability to keep fluids and food down swayed the decision.  Our doctor did call child services on me because I was electing to deliver before 37 weeks (by 1 day....) Had she listened to my concerns about my health from the beginning we definitely wouldn't have been in that situation. I won't name drop, but if you want to know who our doctor was send me an email. I wouldn't want anyone to have the type of pregnancy I did, and it all could have been avoided if I had been listened to and treated properly.

Meeting "dunkle" (double uncle) Jordan at 8 weeks (Kingston left Langston right)
The babies were born on October 29th 2012. Kingston, baby A, was born at 5:50 pm, 19.5 inches and 5 lb 15 oz. Langston, baby B, arrived quickly after at 5:52 pm, 18.1 inches and 5 lb 9 oz.

The babies spent a week in the NICU for feeding and growing, but they were perfectly healthy. They have been absolutely amazing babies! They sleep 4-5 hours most times, they only cry if they're hungry or wet, and they love going places in the stroller, especially over the bridge and back, which is a perfect 6 mile walk for this mom :)They have been growing litke crazy! At last check (8 weeks) Kingston was 22.25 inches and 10.25 lb and Langston was 22.25 inches 9 lb 9oz.

Boys at 10 weeks (Kingston left Langston right)
I think that's all the catching up we needed to do. Now I can start posting weekly about all the crazy things that are going on with the boys, products that have saved our sanity, how we get through a day (or night for that matter!), cloth diapering, exclusively breastfeeding twins, PICTURES, etc. I'll post, you read :)

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