Saturday, January 19, 2013

WTF happened to my body?! No. Seriously.....

I remember being in the checkout line at Publix in June last year and seeing a picture of Jessica Simpson in a magazine. She had tweeted this picture:

And the caption that went with her tweet was, "Is this street legal?" I thought it was so dumb and I'm sure some smart ass remark came flying out of my mouth, after all I was about 5 months pregnant and super moody.

Well here I am, 2 and 1/2 months after the birth of my twins eating my words and sarcasm.  After seeing a picture of myself I had to post this:

And I captioned it by saying I never should have made fun of JS, karma sucks, and I needed some duct tape.

So here we go. How was my body affected by a twin pregnancy? Now thank goodness I was in really good shape before I got pregnant. My husband and I were constantly working out, running trails, doing yoga. We did TRX in the backyard for fun and I had a general love of burpees. I will definitely preface this by saying I was at an advantage. Had I been in lousy shape to begin with, I'd be in serious trouble right about now. I weighed a very athletic 133lbs before I got pregnant.  This picture was taken when I was 2 weeks:

Here is how it all changed.....


Before I got pregnant I was trying to grow my hair and I looked basically like this
After the babies were born my hair was much longer, but I swear my face looks totally different
I don't know if it's my nose or my cheeks or what, but I don't look like myself....

Before I got pregnant I was a very modest size...and I enjoyed that! I didn't have to worry about if a shirt would fit right or if I was properly covered up. Now it's damn near impossible to find s shirt that fits correctly, and I won't even get started on sports bras and running. I know this will eventually go away, but in the mean time it's driving me nuts!
Before bra: tan
After bra: red

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Ridiculous.


My weight right before my c-section was 178lbs


After...freckles definitely get darker!
I got REALLY lucky in this department, I know that. I have almost no stretchmarks to speak of. I can't figure it out...I mean I was HUGE! I should look like a tiger!  I heard some twin moms end up seeing stretchmarks appear months after giving birth, but I'm thinking if I don't see any yet that I'm in the clear?...

No pictures for this. I'll just say that I ran an average of at least 30 miles per week for 8 years before pregnancy and I had really decent muscle tone. I wasn't able to run from March until basically right now, and I lost all that tone. I still feel strong, but I don't look it. That is going to continue to require some hard work. My feet grew, but only a half a size. Good thing because I bought some awesome boots last year that I only wore a couple of times!

With every passing week, pieces of my body look more and more like they used to, but it's definitely something that takes time and work. The boys and I walk for at least an hour, usually two, pretty much every day of the week.  When my husband and I do get time to spend together without the babies we always do at least one thing that would be considered a workout (hot yoga, TRX, weight training) before doing anything else. A pregnancy, especially a twin one, does change your body, but it doesn't have to be as drastic as people like to claim.

I will write about some great post pregnancy workouts in a later blog :)

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