Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aint no party like a tummy time party! Wait...tummy time sucks!

How often have you heard a parent say, "My baby hates tummy time"? All the time right?! I can't think of many parent friends of mine who have uttered the words, "My baby loves being put face down on the floor."

I get the push from pediatricians about it, they don't want to see a bunch of kids with flat heads from lying on their backs all day. Babies need to develop their neck and back muscles to eventually be able to roll over, sit up, crawl, etc. But why is the only answer to this "Tummy Time"? And think of how many companies sell tummy time mats and tummy time toys! I doubt many parents even get in the often recommended almost two hours of tummy time per day anyway! Honestly, it's a bunch of BS.

Solution? Anything that causes your baby to work their neck and back muscles, and gets them off their backs, counts as "tummy time". Pick your baby up, WEAR your baby!!, or even lay your baby on you and read a book together :) Placing a newborn baby face down on a mat on the floor and letting them fuss, and often cry, is simply cruel, especially when there are other options. Once your child gets older and stronger, and begins rolling and pushing up, they will want to spend time in the tummy time position, and that's great. But before that, when they are so tiny, why?!!

Kingston likes being on his belly now, but only just now at almost 4 months :)

Don't care what I think? Fine. Here's more....

Irene Gutteridge, director and producer of "Baby Liv" videos, told Janet Lansbury that she feels not only is Tummy Time unnecessary, but that it's cruel. Gutteridge says that babies who have not yet developed the ability to roll onto their bellies really aren't designed to be there:
Putting infants on their tummies without having them go through the process of getting to their tummy on their own is analogous to injecting their back extensor muscles with that local anesthetic. They are paralyzed and basically unable to access their back extensor muscles, mainly because the actual act of getting to their tummy from their back (something that takes months!) is what forms their spinal curves -- the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical -- and in turn gives them strength in their back muscles.
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