Thursday, February 7, 2013

Have they really grown that much already? 3 month update

Kingston helping mommy blog ;)

You hear it all the time as a parent, "you better take tons of pictures, it all goes by too quickly." In the moment it's hard to imagine the tiny little peanuts you have in your arms ever getting any bigger than they are. Slowly, day by day, they do. I think it's noticed first when their feety pajamas don't fit quite right, or when the neck of their onesie begins to pull down toward their belly button. Then you realize that your itty bitty babies are getting much less itty bitty, but you can't seem to remember them any other way.

Steve and I were at a restaurant on Saturday night with a bunch of other parent friends of ours. One couple had twin girls who are about 8 weeks old. I told Steve to go see them and he came back saying "Oh man they're small!" I had to remind him that our boys weren't even as big as them at 8 weeks! It's amazing how fast they grow. So far I say the biggest change has been between Christmas (8 weeks) and now. They are finally getting chubby!!!

At a little over 3 months our boys are:

Kingston - Born at 5lb 15oz 19.5 in - 3 months 12lb 4 oz 23 in
Langston - Born at 5lb 9oz 8.1 in- 3 months 11lb 14 oz 22.75 in

They're DOUBLE the size! It's just so strange to think about, it's almost unreal. I know by this time next year my head will be spinning...and they'll be running around!! :)

So here we go...from baby birds to rolly pollys 

9 weeks in the belly :)

Langston- 1 day old (grumpy old man)

Kingston- 1 day old (chicken legs!!)

Just came home from the NICU!
Kingston before his first bath at home...OMG he's teeny!!!
Little birds...2 weeks

Just chillin'...3 weeks
5 weeks...binky pros!
Ready for Christmas! 8 weeks

Tonight...13 weeks (Kingston didn't feel like staying awake for this one)

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