Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mommy and Daddy Fitness!!!

Lets rewind 3 months. Our babies had just come home. The pregnancy was over. I couldn't wait to work out! I remember getting the go ahead from the doctor. I also remember realizing that it really wasn't just about if I was physically able to get through a workout, but more about whether or not I had reliable childcare for the hour or so it was going to take.

My babies were newborns. They slept ALL the time. It seemed ridiculous that I couldn't just bring them with me. My husband is a personal trainer and I still couldn't work out! It was driving me nuts. Then I met a bunch of other mothers who were also having trouble working out. I mean, what were we all supposed to do with our babies while we worked to get back in shape?!

That's when it dawned on me to sit down with Steve and discuss the idea of starting our own fitness classes. Classes that catered to the postpartum woman, that the babies could attend and even be a part of, and that could also include older children and fathers. Steve is a certified personal trainer, and I'm certified to teach group fitness classes. It made sense that we should pursue this idea if our area needed it. After some brainstorming we decided to see if there was actually an interest out there for this. We advertised and put on our first Boot Camp with Your Baby class. We expected 6 people...24 moms were there.
First Boot Camp With Your Baby...24 parents!

With the interest that seems to be out there for a class like this, we have decided to start a business called Mommy and Daddy Fitness. We will teach boot camp style classes that included babies, toddlers, and children. Dads are encouraged to attend classes FOR FREE as well as receive FREE classes with Steve just for showing the moms support.

Another plus? Classes are $5. For the cost of a latte your entire family can come get a workout that will be challenging for dads, safe for new moms, include the kids, and help introduce families to one another.

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