Monday, March 18, 2013

Prudish America!

I'm out with my family and one or both of the babies get hungry. Ok, so to feed them I guess I should go in the car? Or a bathroom? Or maybe just drive home to do it?

Why the %#&$ should I feel that way? My guys and I have a wonderful nursing relationship. They'll nurse together, separately, at home, on a walk, in Target, at a flippin' bar, for crying out loud (yes, my husband and I are still people), you name it. I'm so tired of seeing and hearing people who can't handle seeing a woman breastfeeding her child.  If it offends you so much that you feel the need to comment on it, avert your eyes.

Most recently a female texas lawmaker decided to open her mouth via Facebook to give her two cents on the issue. I'll link to an article covering the issue, but basically she doesn't support the bill because she believes women ought to be modest, and if stores wish to kick these women out for breastfeeding then that is fine too.

What's with the discrimination? I know a heck of a lot of nursing mommas and not a darn one has ever nursed their baby for attention. Sorry to those offended, but news flash, we don't feed our kids to offend you. We don't feed our kids to show off. We don't feed our kids to make a scene. We feed our kids because they are hungry! There's not a bit of difference between my nursing one of my twins in a wrap at the grocery store and another mother handing her baby a bottle, except boobs.

Well, I live in Sarasota, Florida. All I see on my Facebook newsfeed ALL year are pictures that look like this:

Only not as professional, and the girls are usually more drunk looking....No one seems to complain...

What I'm getting at here is there is nothing wrong with nursing a baby. It's normal, natural, healthy, and convenient. Don't look at me like I'm murdering your mother in front of you, or make some joke about it. I'm doing the best thing for my babies, and I'll do it wherever I feel comfortable. I will not go in a bathroom (you wouldn't eat in a bathroom would you?) and I will not use a cover when I feed Langston. He kicks it off and causes a scene. He doesn't like feeling smothered. Doubt you would either. Kingston doesn't give a %#&$ what's going on, he'll eat covered or not, but it's a damn nuisance so don't expect to see me use one.

And if you're wondering if something you want to say to a nursing momma is going to possibly piss her off, here are 11 things that probably will!

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