Monday, April 22, 2013

WTF Happened to My Body...Part 2...What Can You Do?

Oh babies. The bouncing bundles of screeching drooling joy :) But sometimes they're just drooly. And sometimes they're just screeching. And sometimes they are drooling and screeching while you're staring in the mirror thinking "What the HELL happened?"

I'm going to preface this post with a couple of key points.

1. How "in shape" were you to begin with? You can't be mad that you don't look like the latest famous postpartum mom on the cover of People if you weren't kicking your own ass before the baby was a reality. Or ever. Those assholes have 24 hour personal trainers. And they're airbrushed. Are you strong? Were you strong?

2. Did you have a cearean? That sucks. Been there! Wouldn't recommend it to a first time mom thinking it's "easier." You are going to have to work twice as hard and be four times as careful when it comes to your core.

3. Are you willing to work? Yeah you have a baby, I have a baby (x2), but you've got to come first at some point at least a couple of days a week. Work does not equate to a stroller class, especially after the first 3 months. I mean really work. Running sprints, weighted exercises, SAFE abs (for the first 12 months), TRX, etc. You should be wishing your baby was crying to escape the next exercise for it to make an impact. If you aren't willing to sweat and to be sore, then don't be surprised when you don't see things changing. With little effort comes little reward.

4. How long ago did you deliver?
-6 weeks? Go walk. Walk far. But walk. Try a boot camp class. Modify it for your needs.
-12 weeks? Try things you know you could do before the baby was a part of your life. Can you do them? Some of them? That's awesome. Keep going!
-20 Weeks? Unless you suffered a setback during or after a delivery, you should be back to the old you (within reason). If you're nursing, drink lots of water, make sure you're eating enough, but make sure you're working hard. Don't give yourself an out anymore, your little boo is rolling over and getting bigger, and pretty soon you'll be expected to chase them!

Alright. So I had twins. My five foot four, size 2, crazy athletic, running 10 miles a day self grew and delivered twins. That's a crazy accomplishment if you ask me. It beats every medal of every run I've ever finished. It trumps my degree. It OWNS. If you've had 1, 2, 3, 4, or more babies I BOW TO YOU! This crap is hard! And as soon as they're born you know you're concerned with how flat your stomach is, like everyone is waiting to see how quickly you "bounce back." Well I have something to say about that. It's simple actually. FUCK THAT SHIT.

I was in the best shape of my life before I got pregnant. I had the flat stomach. You could count my ab muscles. Guess what. I'm about 6 months out and as seemingly flat as my stomach sometimes looks, there are no abs to count. They are there. I'm strong, and I can feel them, but you can't see them. I've got a good 10-20 pounds stuck to me (depending on the time of day) thanks to nursing twins and the demand that creates. My clothes fit differently, hell my freaking shoes fit differently.

I know though, that I am working hard. I take about 5 boot camp classes per week (no I don't have a nanny...I bring the boys and if they cry I stop and handle it), I take the boys on walks, and I watch what I eat.....sort of. All of it adds up and is important. If you're sitting at home watching Oprah, eating junk, and feeling crappy, something has to give. I'm beginning to feel good again, the boys are healthy and chunky, and I'm reaching a comfortable place...although I'm sure nothing will ever be good enough for the mirror. Hell, it wasn't before I had babies!

At the end of everyday I remember that for every pound, or every stretch, or every weird mark I didn't have before...I now have the most amazing things that I will ever be given in this life. You can't put a price on your child, and you can't put a price on the sacrifices that you make for them. Stop giving yourself such a hard time. I won't be wearing a bikini to the beach again probably ever. ONE PIECES FOR THE WIN! ;) it is...6 months after twins....

The dark freckles bother me most I think

Love your babies, and love yourself. In my experience nothing is ever good enough, so be happy, be healthy, be comfortable. If you aren't one or all of those things, then begin making changes, but if you are, say to hell with it to anyone that doesn't think your best is good enough. 

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