Thursday, May 2, 2013

Real life answers to some real life emails.

  • I am flattered, and I honestly don't know why, but I get a ton of messages each day from moms, expecting moms, and in the future moms. I thought now was a good time to share some real life conversations. Don't like my advice, use Google, and I HIGHLY recommend you also check Some of this is redundant, but I get asked a lot of the same questions, just worded differently. I tried to label each conversation so you know if you care to read it. Some are long, some are short.

    Here you go, a collection of the 7 most informative conversations I've had with moms since the boys were born. Thanks for listening to my crazy, random quips ;)

    ***Names and personal (not related to the topic) conversation have been omitted. (Don't you dare get on me for formatting, this was all copied from Facebook and they apparently have their own definition of margins, you can's worth it if you learn something :)

    CONVERSATION #1 (Main focus is more efficient pumping and increasing milk supply)

    Q: Hey how do I produce more or get more out while I'm pumping?
Claire Kelley

There are a few things that can help. Supplement wise you could take brewers yeast (or try a dark beer before bed), fenugreek (you know you're taking enough when you think you smell like maple syrup), or try mothers milk tea (I didn't really notice it helping, but some moms swear by it). All of those are available at gnc, vitamin shoppe, and whole foods. Also drink TONS OF WATER. Being really hydrated is really important. Make sure you're eating plenty, cutting calories can cut your milk supply. Look at pictures of the baby, think about them, or even read a book while pumping. The more relaxed you are the more milk you'll have. You can also try a hot shower before and massaging your boobs during pumping (LOL...but works!) If you're getting around 2oz when you pump that's pretty normal. Are you free Friday around noon? I could meet you at my breastfeeding support group. I could also add you to it's FB page, they have tons of advice! Foods can help too....mochi ( a puff pastry or ice cream, you pick, available at whole foods) is supposed to be awesome for milk production.

Q: I was getting an ok amount then I haven't been doing it every 3 hours so I only get like 15ml from each boob which is awful. I feel like the pump sucks and doesn't get a lot out friday. 

Claire Kelley

Definitely try to stick to a schedule. Don't pump more than 15 minutes. The NICU pumps are pretty decent, maybe do it while you're there, or you can also rent them from walgreens. I'm sure some of what's going on stress wise has a lot to do with it. Try not to worry, easier said than done I know, and try to get in a pump routine. I have a problem too if I miss a feeding or wait too long. We're thinking of you guys, let me know if there's anything we can do to help.
And I'll add you to the FB group. Feel free to post any questions there, you'll get tons of educated answers

CONVERSATION #2 (mainly cloth diapers, a little general baby talk)
    Claire Kelley

    Hi! I wanted to let you know about a cell phone app/website that I used ALL the time while I was pregnant with the twins. It's an ok pregnancy info app, but the community part is awesome and let's you communicate easily with other women in the same situation. The website is and the smart phone app is called Baby Bump by Alt12. There are groups on there for everything you could think of involving pregnancy or babies and I found it so helpful, especially when I had a question about something. It's like Facebook if you didn't actually know anyone and everyone was going through the same thing as you  also, I've got a bunch more of the smaller maternity things that I'm finally done wearing to get to you. If you hate them just donate them  Will I see you at Christmas?
    Claire Kelley
    Oh, and as the boys get big and grow out of things I'm setting everything aside. I know you don't know what you're having, but we have tons of gender neutral stuff...and if it's a boy you won't have to buy a thing lol

    Q: Awh thank you so much! I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing me on Christmas  I'm in this awkward stage where my clothes are getting pretty tight but I'm still not fitting into most maternity clothes but I do fit into this one grey tank top you have me which I love lol thank you so much. Ill def check out that app and we'll actually be finding out the gender this Thursday so ill let you know hehe
    Claire Kelley
    Oooo fun!! I can't wait to hear! Oh yeah for me once my belly started it never stopped!
    Claire Kelley
    Just heard the news! Boys are awesome I'm saving everything for you guys!
    Claire Kelley
    If you guys are considering cloth diapers I'll give them all to you. They're velcro ones, easier to use than disposables, just throw in the washing machine. You wouldn't have to buy anything in the way of diapers that way unless you wanted to use disposable inserts for them. Go to to check them out. The babies much prefer them, they're sooo soft 

    Q: Thanks so much were definitely going to need it! We were really happy when we found out it's a boy since hell be able to play with Kingston and Langston since they'll be in the same age group. It'll be fun seeing them all grow up together  and were definitely going to try cloth diapers-we just hope they workout for us. How are the twins doings ?

      Claire Kelley

      I'm so happy for you guys  Kingston and Langston are finally better so they're good, they were congested pretty bad. Steve says we almost have a hockey starting line up in our family now with the cloth diapers even using them part time saves a TON of $! And they're adorable 

                       Claire Kelley

        When we found out we were having twins I was so freaked made going back to work impossible and I was so worried things were going to be crazy, but it's been so great. Our boys are the best thing that's ever happened to us, and everything worked itself out. I know you guys will feel the same. It wasn't real to me until I saw them, and Steve took a little longer lol, but all of that is totally normal. As they're getting bigger and interacting more each day it's easier and easier for him to bond with them 

          Claire Kelley

          Everything will be great...and you guys get to watch us screw things up first so you'll know what not to do! lol poor Kingston has been the guinea pig usually bc he's bigger...first bath, first cloth diaper...he drank bath water and wore the first 2 diapers backwards!

          Q: Hey Claire! I'm just wondering for the g diapers that you gave me can you put the plastic pockets with the outer fabric covers in the washer machine together?

          Claire Kelley
          You can, but I wouldn't recommend drying the plastic pockets (they air dry very quickly) so I always unsnap them before washing.

          Q: Yeah I was planning on line drying everything just wanted to check that I don't have to hand wash, thanks! 
          Claire Kelley
          The cloth inserts actually do better in the dryer, they get softer 
          Claire Kelley
          Exciting week for you!!! I'm going to bake some yummy lactation deserts for you, you'll love them! I have some more things for you, and let me know if you'd like to cook s couple freezer meals 
          If not I'm making them anyway 

          Q: Haha yes! And sounds delicious thank you so much! I'm going to let you know a little later because these past few days I've been feeling terribly sore and it hurts to walk and stand because hes so low I feel like I have a huge bruise across my pubic bone sorry for the tmi  I wish I had something to lift my belly up so I wouldn't feel like I'm being pulled down towards the ground all the time lol
          Claire Kelley
          Oh man I remember that! If you have a long piece of fabric, like a thick scarf, try tying it around your belly and neck. It could help.

          Q: Seriously?! Did you try it and did it work ??

          Yes and yes! They sell belly bands, it's basically the same thing

          CONVERSATION #3 (LOTS of breastfeeding info, and general talk about parenthood)

          Q: I know you dont know me from Adam.. but from what Ive learned from your husbands page and link to your pregnancy to insanity, I can learn alot from you. I recently had my first baby. My husband and I are stationed in twentynine palms air base ( middle of mojave desert.. middle of nowhere ) I have only a few friends and zero family. So raising my baby by myself is tricky and nerve wrecking... He will be 4 months old on the 13th.. I hope this doesnt sound creepy but I would love to know that you could give me advice if I needed it... If not, because we are strangers, I understand... but this motherhood job in not easy on my own..

          I'm flattered that you would ask! Of course you can! My guys aren't that much older than yours 

          Raising babies can certainly be isolating, even more so if you would already be more or less isolated

          Q: LOL!!!! Im so glad that you didnt find me creepy!!!!! But Im so in awe of how your doing it with TWO!!! My husband helps when he's home and he's amazing... but the USMC is very demanding... so in the meantime its just me and our boy. And it leaves me sitting here wondering am I doing this right? Or no? Being here alone leaves me going stir crazy with all these questions I come up with.. I do alot of googling lol!!! And I figured the worst Claire can say is "no creepy" lol... Raising these litttle ones are the coolest job Ive ever had!!! And from what Ive noticed, you and your husband can agree!!!! Thank you!!!!

          Claire Kelley
          Oh I love being a mom, but it is very demanding that's for sure. My husband teaches classes at the y, runs a gym, and goes to school full time so it's pretty much the boys and I all week. Usually Steve's working on homework on the weekends also, but otherwise I would have had to go back to work and the boys would be raised in a daycare, which neither of us wanted. I try to plan a schedule for our week. I can usually find free or nearly free things to take the boys to, and there are a couple of "mommy" groups I go to as well. That was also the main reason behind us starting mommy and daddy fitness, it gives me something to be in charge of and focus my non mommy energy into. There are rainy days that we are shut in though, and occasionally I get a little stir crazy, so I can imagine it's doubly hard on you being so far away and without a support system. Seriously feel free to chat anytime!

          Q: Financially, if I were to go back to work, my paychecks would go to just that.. which is just stupid. I didn't want him raised in a daycare either.. It broke my heart to think that I was working to pay someone to raise him. I really wished I had the opportunities you have.. literally, its an hour just to go to Target. I was considering trying to find mommy groups and whatnot on base, but thats 30 minutes away and with the crazy gas prices out here, it doesnt help our budget. Soooo the internet is my learning tool ( sounds sad ) but this is just how it is til we get other orders, which isnt any time soon... So as you can imagine your help is doing me and my boy a HUGE deal... Thank youuu so much!!! It may not seem like much, but to know that I can ask you questions takes a huge load off my shoulders 

          Claire Kelley
          I totally understand that! My salary would have just covered daycare for twins also! I do feel lucky to have the support systems I do, and I hope I'm able to pass some of that along to you! I am going to add you to a fb group called breast beginnings if that's alright with you. It's a breastfeeding support group, but you can ask ANYTHING, and don't need to be breastfeeding to get something out of it!

          Q: I cant even imagine the amount it would be with twins!!!! I wished I was able to breastfeed... yet again, no system.. no answers.. not even from the hospital I delivered... I feel cheated.. not only for my son but that bond that we could of had.. I try to not get upset about it too much. But it was really hard on me to go to formula.. so hard on me... I'd love to be added to that group though!!! This is awesome!!! I cant thank you enough Claire!!! P.S. BEAUTIFUL babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Claire Kelley
          i understand you feeling that way, i had a horrible pregnancy and a forced unnecessary csection and I feel like I missed out on the birth that i wanted and planned for  But now we know for next time i suppose  That group is awesome, and feel free to post any questions you have, there are so many informative mommas that will answer  And your little one is adorable too!!!

          Q: I had a HORRIBLE delivery!!!!!! I begged for a csection!!! And your right there's always next time!!!!!! What is the group again?? OH and beware... I take wayyyy too many pics of my boy.. then post them so the family can see... also its my new hobby... I just cant control myself lol!! We tried 2 years for him!!! So to me, I just cant stop!!!! And as a proud mother yourself I KNOW you understand!! And thank you!!!

          Claire Kelley
          I added you  You should see it on the left side of your home screen...The BrEaST Beginnings  And yes I understand, I have a ton also! And I love looking at others!

          Claire Kelley
          Wha???? Really? Congratulations!

          • Q: Yessss!!!!!! took a test today!!!!! Going to wait a bit to tell the world!!! Thank youu!!!

          • Q: I've gotta question... I know I have a little ways to go but I want to make sure I get this bf thing on lockdown. I've heard that if I pump before I deliver, I will have milk, instead of waiting for it to come in... is there any truth to this? If not, how do I make sure I will have milk so I don't run into the same problem I did with ----?? I hope you don't mind me asking... I know your a busy mama!

          Claire Kelley
          Don't pump before you're 38 weeks, it can cause contractions to begin. You can take all of the lactation aids as soon as he's born, fenugreek, brewers yeast, steel cut oats, mochi (a pastry, you can find it as an ice cream at whole foods, or order it online, frozen yogurt places offer it as a topping)

          Claire Kelley
          Make yourself some lactation bread or cookies for after the birth
          And i've sworn by a dark beer or 2
          I drank cranberry juice and ate nature valley bars like they were going out of style after birth, I know now the granola bars helped me, and cranberry juice is good bc it's super hydrating and fights possible infections after birth
          The more relaxed and hydrated you are the better. And pumping after he/she nurses, even 5 minutes could help
          Supply based on demand, so the more your body thinks you need early on, the more it will attempt to make

            • Excellent!!!!! I did'nt know ANY of this. I feel guilty because if I would of reached out with questions or researched, I would still be bf. I had no idea it was so difficult. I want this to work out with this one... Did you pump before you had your boys?? Thank you for taking the time out and filling me in on this!!! I will take any piece of info I can get!!!! I appreciate ya!!!

              • Claire Kelley

                It's not difficult I promise, you just relax and nurse and take those supplements just to give you peace of mind. You know you're taking enough fenugreek when you smell like maple syrup FYI lol.. You want to feed him/her every 2 hours at first, it helps build your supply, and they need it, even if they're sleeping, wake them up to eat. I didn't pump before I had the boys because they came early, but I would have if it had gone on longer.

          Claire Kelley

          You will only be getting drops, or mLs the first few days, do not worry, it's totally normal
          after 10-14 days you will probably get around 2oz total when you pump, that's a normal amount
          the baby will get more when breastfeeding, pumps aren't as efficient as the baby
          if you notice a drop, drink a ton of water, at least 80oz a day, and make sure you aren't cutting calories. I used to pump more frequently, but I still do it twice a day even at 6 months
          and the boys hardly ever take a bottle, but it boosts my supply, it gives me an emergency backup of milk, and frozen milk is good for 6 months
          Oh, and best times for pumping (once supply is established) is after the morning feeding and before you go to bed at night
          you're most rested and most hydrated
          I'm not one to meditate, but stress KILLS the flow, so if you're tense, put on a stupid youtube relaxation video or read a book, it helps

            • Q: I was sooo stressed with the whole bf thing that I might of killed the supply myself!!!
              Im saving all of this on my computer right now!
              What about now with your monsters sleeping through the night!?? what does that do to your supply?? or do you pump because of that?

            • Claire Kelley

              I nurse them at 7:30 when they start getting fussy, then I change them for bed and give them 4oz each of milk I pumped that day. They go to sleep about 8. I pump again before bed, around 10:30, and then when we wake up in the morning i'm usually super engorged so i nurse them first and then pump

          Claire Kelley

          I haven't noticed a problem in my supply, because with the amount of times i nurse and pump it's still equal to what I was nursing before
          and a lot of times at night after 4 months if they wake up to eat they barely eat, they just comfort nurse
          Definitely keep in mind that their little stomachs are the size of teeny marbles the first couple of days, and that for the first 48 hours you may pump and get nothing, or just drops. That is completely fine.
          Hot showers and massaging helps to get milk flowing during those few days when your supply builds.
          If you feel around after birth you can feel rice-like bumps in there, that's milk
          But it's super sticky, so it can take a bit to get it out, weird, warm wet towels can also help
          feel free to ask away when the time comes!

            • Q:In my eyes you're the breastfeeding Queen!!! So your advice is gold!!!! I appreciate your help! And I know 5677 more questions will come to mind... be prepared lol!!! Thank you Claire!

          Claire Kelley

          Hahaha no problem, I'm happy to help! Once you get the hang of it I bet you'll find it a lot easier than bottles. And you can always tandem nurse ----- too, breastmilk is sweet so he's 90% sure to give it a go. He'd definitely help you build a supply!
          It has benefits until about 7 years old
          Sounds complicated maybe, but I think it's easier bc you don't have to switch sides

              • Q: You think he'd be interested? I never even thought of that!! I've read about it but didn't put two and two together!! He'd be being a good big brother helping me build my supply lol!!
                Bf is pretty incredible. We are amazing creatures if I do say so myself.

          I would definitely try it!

          CONVERSATION #4 (cloth diapers/wipes)

          Q: Hey Claire! I am really looking forward to trying clothe diapers this time around and was wondering if you have any recommendations of what to use on newborns and how many??? I have been reading on websites and getting some ideas but there are so many options!! What did you use? I'd like to use what ---- going to be selling:) Thanks Claire!!
          • Claire Kelley

            What ---- is making would be awesome, but under 10 lbs can be hard with cloth

          • Claire Kelley

            gdiapers makes "tiny pants" which fit 6-10lbs and use disposable basically the pant is reused, but the absorbancy pad is flushed down the toilet. I would highly recommend trying those for itty bitty babies, and then when they get about 9/10 lbs going with full on cloth

          • Claire Kelley

            I have some if you want to see them some time

          • Q: Ok great! Thanks for your input! I next time we all get together maybe I can look at them  Thanks again!!

          • Q: Hey Claire! How are you all? I was just starting my registry and I am so excited to get going with using cloth diapers! I am registering for gDiapers too. I was wondering if you used disposable wipes or cloth wipes and how you feel about them? I was doing some reading on making my own from flannel squares, and making my own solution... but i am thinking just using water on them should do the trick right?? Thoughts?? Thanks Claire 

          • Claire Kelley

            Cloth wipes are awesome, I made mine from old receiving blankets and the solution I've been using is water with a tsp of baby wash. Water would work just as well  Keep it in a spray bottle and that way it's convenient for travel 
            And with gdiapers I recommend getting the m-xl cloth inserts rather than the smalls. They fold to fit in the small diapers and are much more absorbent

          Q: Great ideas and tips! Thanks so much! 

          CONVERSATION #5 (cloth diapers, using biodegradable inserts)

          • Q: Hey Claire I had some questions about the gdiapers as I'm looking into buying them. I'm wondering about the liners for the diapers. I see they have disposable and the cloth inserts. Which ones do you recommend? For the cloth, do you use those with the cloth liners, or just one or the other? I have been toying with the idea of them from the beginning as I hate the waste, but was apprehensive that it would cause a gross mess.After reading your blog I realize that it is totally manageable!! Side note - I wish that I had found your blog earlier regarding nursing. I unfortunately gave up nursing way too early for me and now am dealing with the guilt of that. Your informative blogging and support for nursing has encouraged me that I can do it the next time, and that the support is out there, I just need to look for it!! Thank you so much!

          • Claire Kelley

            Ooo I'm so happy to hear my blog is actually helpful! That means so much 
            I have used the disposable biodegradable inserts when my guys were too small for the cloth (under 6lbs), but I don't really anymore. They would be good for long car trips and possibly overnight diapers depending on your preference. I use a cloth insert with a cloth liner on top. I wouldn't recommend just using the cloth without a liner bc that can get pretty messy. It's nice to just remove the liner off the cloth, flush it, and have an almost still white cloth to wash  The cloth inserts come in packs of 6 for about $30, last about 6months and get softer with washing. The cloth liners (which are the only thing I ever have to buy) cost $8 a box for 105. If you have any other questions ask away! 

          • Q: The gdiapers website has a starter pack that comes with two covers and the biodegradable liners. Did you like the disposable liners?
          • I do, but I only use them if I'm traveling. It's nicer to just wash the cloth liners bc it's much cheaper

          CONVERSATION #6 (gDiapers, just me explaining some tips I have for them to a mom who asked)
          Claire Kelley

          With gdiapers, which are awesome because they work well AND are available in babies r us making them the only easy, non internet, cloth diaper brand, you can use disposable flushable inserts or cloth. I likes the flushable inserts during the first 2 weeks when the boys were teeny tiny and needing very frequent changes, but ever since I have only used cloth and loved it. One really important thing though is the cloth liners are a MUST. They are similar to a sheet of thick toilet paper and lay on top the cloth. They trap all the poop and keep your cloth inserts stain free and hassle free in terms of laundry. I wash mine with our regular clothes in cold water with free/clear detergent. If you use hot water it will not be boiling and therefor won't kill the bacteria, but instead heat it up and make it grow. I don't suggest hot water  gDiapers come in baby specific sizes, tiny (6-10lb) small (8-14lb) medium (12-24lb) large (22-35lb) and extra large (33-?lb). If you know your baby is going to be about 8/9 lbs I would actually use disposables for the first month or so until they get up to about 12lbs (the mediums actually fit my boys at about 10.5lb), because even my little 5 pounders grew out of the tiny and smalls so fast and I felt like I wasted a bit of money, although I know I have diapers for any future babies we may have. I had 16 that the boys shared in the beginning, and now they share 12. It's plenty. I say you're probably good with 6, but the more you have the less laundry you have to do. If you know you do a load a day like we do though, 6 would be fine.

            • Claire Kelley

              No matter what size diaper you get, use the M-XL cloth inserts. They fit in the smalls with a bit of folding and add extra absorbency. If you notice any leaks you can double up on the cloth, so I would say 6 diapers, 12 cloth inserts, and the cloth liners are 105/box and flush. They are the only thing we buy regularly. ($7/box)

            • Claire Kelley

              Oh and last thing, cloth diapers make clothes fit a little tighter, so you won't need many real tiny things. The boys have usually worn a size up because of it  I think that's it. If I think of something else I'll let you know 

          • CONVERSATION #7 (NICU, twins, breastfeeding, body issues, bottles,'s long)

            Q: Hey girl thanks for messaging me! Omg it's been a crazy few days but we are still at the hospital bc the girls kept losing weight and now one of the girls may have bilirubin so we are waiting for the results. I wanted to ask you if you strictly breast feed your boys or did you also give them a bit of formula? I feel like I still look sooo big but I do notice my belly going down...I don't think I look as great as you though 
            • Claire Kelley

              That sounds like my boys...they stayed in NICU to gain weight and learn to eat a little better...they were also a bit jaundiced. I pumped every couple hours for the first week and brought it to the NICU... the boys got that in bottles, but the nurses supplemented with formula also. Just bm since we've gotten home though...either by nursing them or in a bottle. The first week or so I was still giant. It was by the third that I felt pretty good and was looking semi normal. Just focus on your babies and doing what you can to feed them...the rest will come with time  I hope you're feeling great and congratulations again!!

          • Q: Thank you so much! I will, thanks for all the advice you've given me. How are the boys doing?

            • Claire Kelley

              Anytime! Im definitely learning as I go, but feel free to ask anything! Th boys had they're dad up until 3 lol, but they're doing well  Getting huge by the day it's crazy! I dunno if you have a Moby wrap, but I've found it absolutely necessary with 2 babies! They love feeling close so when they're being crabby you can wear one and tend to the other...or if one is sleeping wear one and get things done! 
            • Claire Kelley

              Also way easier than a stroller when shopping...or baby seats. Strangers won't touch them wrapped in a Moby...they will touch them in baby seats. People are nuts!

          • Q: Thanks I'm def going to have to get me one of those!! So right now I'm breast feeding but also giving them a bit of formula bc they were at 10% weight lost when we were at the hospital. Did you do that and also when should I just do only breast milk since my milk I think already came in?
          • Nvm my brain is not working lol you already answered that lol

            • Claire Kelley

              Good luck with bfing, it's really awesome! I take brewers yeast, fenugreek, and drink 1 beer everyday bc I'm paranoid, but I've got tons of milk. I usually pump once or twice a day when the boys are sleeping to store in the fridge or freezer hope you're having fun with your little ladies! 

          • Q: I am I love them so so much! I feel a bit scared sometimes bc it's TWO babies I'm taking care of breast milk is just starting to come in my boobs are feeling tender and hard. I hate that I'm giving them a bit of formula bc I really just wanted them to be specifically breast milk but omg it takes soo long to feed them bc we are using a syringe to feed them bc the breast milk consultant told me not to use bottles until they turn 3 weeks sooooo feeding time takes forever!!!!
            • Claire Kelley

              The bottle thing is really up to you, my guys weren't picky and took either breast or could always try? similac and Tommy tippee bottles mimic the real thing pretty well  do you have a My BrestFriend twin nursing pillow? I couldn't bf them simultaneously without it...makes feedings between 30-45 min total
            • Claire Kelley

              The tender thing sucks! My boys miraculously slept 7hrs the night before last and so I stayed asleep too and omg did I wake up in pain!

          • Q: Yes I have the twin nursing pillow and tommy tippee bottles. If you dont mind me asking what is your breastfeeding routine. I'm kind of at a lost and getting a bit overwhelmed 
            • Claire Kelley

              Sure...I feed them right when I wake up (1 or both babies usually wake me up to eat) then I feed them on demand throughout the day (usually 3.5 to 4.5 hrs between feedings)...they usually eat around 8pm after I've eaten dinner and the next time they eat close to midnight I give them bottles of 4-5oz of pumped milk...this way I can be sure they've got full bellies and I know they'll sleep for a good amount of time. To spread out feeding them I use pacifiers and swaddling them. If I don't swaddle them their arms keep them up  I try to keep at least 16oz of milk in the fridge too in case one falls off schedule...then I just give a bottle. At night I usually let them sleep in our bed after midnight if they'd being fussy. I figure it's worth the sleep we all get to do it, I'm trying not to make it a habit though. That way when they're hungry around 5am I can just roll over lol
            • Claire Kelley

              Oh and I always feed them at the same time, If one wakes I entertain him and give the other 10 minutes before I wake him.
              I definitely didn't plan to give them pacifiers or let them sleep with us, but it's survival of the fittest with 2 babies lol

          • Q: Monday I have my appointment and I get to learn more about breast feeding. I don't think my milk supply has fully come in yet but I'm pretty close! Right now I'm overwhelemed bc after I breastfeed we give the girls formula but with a syringe bc they told us not to use bottles yet until they are fully trained to breastfeed so that is driving me nuts bc it's soooooo time consuming omg! So my feedings feel extremely long. I'm def using pacifiers and bottles specially at night time bc like you said I want to make sure they get enough to sleep at night. They do sleep in their room though and so far that's been working, I don't mind.
            • Claire Kelley

              I hope your appointment goes well and that you can cut out the formula, or at least the syringe! That's great that they're sleeping in their room 

          • Q: Yeah I really am sick of the syringe! Sooo I hate my stomach, how was yours a week after giving birth?
            • Claire Kelley

              1 week after I looked 5months wasn't until 3that (in clothes) I felt's 6weeks tomorrow but I am comfortable with it unless I've got a shirt on...thank goodness it's winter
              *not comfortable with it

          • Q: Was it flabby?
            • Claire Kelley

              Yeah it seemed like extra skin, but as time is passing it's slowly improving. It's just so damn soft

          • Q: Yesssssss!!!! Ughhh I told my husband yesterday to not look at me
            Bc I didn't want him to think "great now im married to a whale" lol....I feel sooo umcofortable and my face, legs, and feet are still swollen. My hands are almost back to normal though.
            • Claire Kelley

              My swelling took about 2 weeks to go away, walk as much as you can and elevate your legs at night!
              I'm the same way with my husband  he swears he doesn't notice but I know he's lying

          • Q: Oh yeah how can they not???? I notice it!
            • Claire Kelley

              Lol right!? That's what I said
              I try not to worry about it, I know eventually things will get back to normal, but it is frustrating. My knee is messed up from the swelling in my legs and I can't run yet, it's driving me crazy

          • Q: I am eating pretty healthy, lots of veggies, brown rice, protein, fruits....I hate feeling this ugly!
            Oh no!!!!!! My knees are pretty messed up bc there's sooo much swelling around it.
            • Claire Kelley

              That's awesome,, I ate awful at first bc I was so happy to be able to eat!
              My right knee is fine, I dunno why my left got all messed up.

          • Q: Lol!!! I'm ready to feel "hot" again.....have you asked ur dr about your knee?
            • Claire Kelley

              Me too! I swear by body shaping fabric at the moment! I have an appt Tuesday so I'll ask then, but my Dr is a moron so I'm not sure how helpful she'll be. My husband is a personal trainer so we're working together to rehab it

          • Q: Omg you're lucky!!!! That's awesome that your hubby can train husband is a marine soo no training for me bc he's always busy with work.
            Good thing is he took a month of vacation to help me with the girls and he gets up with me to every feeding.
            • Claire Kelley

              That's awesome! I've heard of so many fathers that don't help it's crazy!

          • Q: Omg yes! My friends husband is like that unfortunately 
            • Claire do you give ur babies formula at all?
            • Claire Kelley

              No I don't, not since the hospital
              Do you have to?

          • Q: Well today I had an appointment with the lactation consultant and she told us to stop the formula but ever since we got home all they've done is cry and I give them the boob and once they fall asleep I put them in their crib but literally 2min later they start crying again wanting the boob.

          • Q: No she told me not to yet.
            • Claire Kelley

              Really?! Everylactation nurse I spoke to in the hospital told me to, and I can for sure say it helped my supply

          • Q: But when do I pump if I'm always putting them on the boob?
            • Claire Kelley

              One thing I noticed with my boys was they'd fall asleep nursing before they were done. If I wake them up burp them, occasionally change their diapers and put them back they'll eat for another 10+ minutes
              And the later milk they get has more fat in it and helps them sleep longer
              I pumped about an hour after I fed them multiple times a day for the first 3 weeks. Now I only pump once a day or so when I have time.
            • Claire Kelley

              If I put mine in the bassinet even if they seem sound asleep sometimes they wake up right away crying, even though they're not hungry they'd still comfort nurse. I give them a pacifier and try to get them to sleep either with us or in a bouncy seat

          • Q: They told me not to use a paci for two weeks!
            • Claire Kelley

              That's all suggestions, totally up to you
              For my sanity sake I went ahead and used them

          • Q: They told you the same thing?
            • Claire Kelley

              If your girls can latch then giving them a pacifier shouldn't effect that
              They told me it could effect it yeah

          • Q: That's what they told me
            • Claire Kelley

              If the baby hadn't breastfed and didn't latch I could see it being a problem, but if your girls are nursing it should be fine
              I recommend the hospital pacifiers if you do though, they're called soothies, easier to transition from them to boob to bottle

          • Q: Crap I don't have those! Where can I get them?
            • Claire Kelley

              They sell them at babies r us, Avent brand
              They should be $4.99 for 2...they're 1 solid rubber piece

          • Q: Oh ok.... I'm going NUTS!!!!
            • Claire Kelley

              I'm sorry it's going rough! Really do try to pump and also don't let them fall asleep before being burped at least once while they nurse. It should help them eat a bunch more

          • Q: Ok so I put them on the boob and if they're falling asleep burp them and then put them back?
            • Claire Kelley

              Yes, it might take them a minute to realize they're still hungry, but they will more than likely start eating again.
              If I didn't do that my boys would eat for 10 minutes and be awake to eat again every half hour. as they get bigger and eat more you'll probably have to do it multiple times per feeding

          • Q: I have to try to find a system/routine bc if not I'm going to go crazy
            • Claire Kelley

              Ours isn't conventional, especially bc we let them in our bed, but we do whatever we need to to stay sane. Steve swaddles them super tight and that usually gets them to sleep quickly. I'm loose about it lol
              Walks in their car seats in the stroller and driving around puts them to sleep too

            • Claire Kelley

              Hey  just checking to see if things are getting better guys have been passing a cold back and forth all week and are pretty miserable 

          • Q: Ohhhh no I'm sorry!
            I'm trying to figure out how to feed the girls on my own
            • Claire Kelley

              I usually set the boys on the bed , put the pillow around my waist, sit against a bunch of pillows, and then put the boys on the pillow one by one. I get one to latch and the other. When one stops/takes a break I burp him then the other and put them back to keep eating. It's not super easy, but once you do it a few times it's like second nature.

          • Q: I'm also supplementing though.... When do you change diapers?
            • Claire Kelley

              I change them right before they eat and then if they wake up needing a change. If you're supplementing maybe give one formula before breast and one formula after breast

          • Q: I was trying to breastfeed first to make sure they get more breast milk than formula
            • Claire Kelley

              Yeah that's true...have you heard of podee (spelling?) Bottles?

          • Q: No. I have Tommee tippee bottles
            • Claire Kelley

              They have straws in them that connect to nipples like pacifiers so you don't hold them, the babies can drink without assistance
              I haven't tried them, but they could definitely help if they work
              I've seen them on Amazon

          • Q: Hmmmmmm...I'll have to look into them
            • Claire Kelley

              I've been thinking of getting them to help me with nighttime bottle feeding

          • Q: which bottles do you use?
            • Claire Kelley

              Now I'm using Tommy tippee, my husband always has to help when I bottle feed though
              It would be awesome if the babies could do it themselves

          • Q: Same here my husband always has to help me....He's going to be going back to work soon so I'm trying to figure out how to feed the babies without any help bc I'm going to be on my own pretty soon
            • Claire Kelley

              Yeah same here, he can help some nights, but sometimes he's up at 4am for work and can't help me during the night. For me I just nurse them on those nights because bottles take so long...I really wish you didn't have to supplement 
              When can you pump? That would help build up your supply...just 15 minutes is all you need

          • Q: I dont think I'm making enough breast milk.
            for example once I'm done nursing the girls my boobs feel super empty until its time to feed them again.

          • When do you pump?
            • Claire Kelley

              I would pump before you feed them, about an hour, and even if you can't get any more with a pump the babies can (they're much more efficient  )
              Just 10 minutes of pumping can help, your body will produce what it thinks it needs, supply and demand, if you increase the demand from the babies and the pump, your body will gradually increase the supply
              Also getting the supplements Brewers yeast and Fenugreek could help, gnc has them both...I try to drink a beer everyday to help as well...thats the more fun one 

          • Q: Hey! So I started pumping just now and I barely got an oz lol.....So when do I use the milk supply? I have no idea what pumping is all about lol.
            • Claire Kelley

              When I first started pumping id pump as often as was convenient for about 15-25 minutes...most pumps have a "let down" function and id use that a couple times while pumping (helps being down more milk)...also massaging your boobs while pumping (weird but works!) If you feel little rice or pea like bumps it's milk that can be massaged out...I use the milk I pump for the bottles I give my boys before bed and I freeze the milk I don't use (freeze bags flat) that way I always have extra if I need to go out or something and you can use breast milk in baby food when they're older, way healthier than water or store bought stuff 
            • Claire Kelley

              I didn't get much at all at first, but the more you do it the more you get:)

          • Q: I'm going to start building my milk stack and maybe I can get them off of formula.

          • Q: I'm hoping to get more milk in.
            • Claire Kelley

              You will, it's all supply and demand. Those supplements I mentioned will help and beer does too 

          • Q: I'll prob get the supplement bc my husband is not ok with me drinking while I'm breast feeding 
            • Claire Kelley

              Some days I get more than others too
              The week I started taking the supplements I fed the boys one morning and pumped over 8 oz right after. They definitely work

          • Q: Oh wow! I hear that it makes you smell like honey or something like that

            HOPE SOMEONE BENEFITS FROM THIS :) Thanks for reading!

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