Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Amber for teething? Yes. It is amazing!

The twins, attacking daddy, and wearing their amber necklaces <3
Alright, so maybe you believe that certain stones can have healing properties, maybe you don't. I have heard that amber can be worn and, as it is technically sap, can slowly absorb through the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. Seems legit. And with two cranky drooly babies I was all about trying it out!

I have had the twins wearing the necklaces for a little over a month now. We only take them off for swimming lessons and baths. I have to say that they have made such a difference. Before we got them we were relying on Hyland's teething tablets almost nightly, but since the necklaces we haven't needed a single one. Which is good because I now know that they've been recalled numerous times... =/
(one recall cited poisoning risk: http://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/news/20101025/hylands-teething-tablets-recall-possible-poisoning-risk). Also, Tylenol seems to be a go to teething remedy lately on my newsfeed. Please make sure you have researched the risks to a baby's liver before administering medicine, especially for being cranky. Here is one link, but honestly this is pretty widely known information http://www.livestrong.com/article/254116-dangers-of-tylenol-for-infants/

Anywho, don't get intimidated by all this crunchiness. And believe me, even my crunchy behind has a hard time dealing when I encounter the babies wearing so many teething necklaces they look like neck rings...

The necklaces really do work. And all you really need is one ;) If you have a cranky baby who is teething, or just seems uncomfortable, give it a shot. They usually run anywhere from $15-$25, and trust me it's worth it. Be careful that you are getting authentic amber, and not a plastic knockoff. This site gives a rundown of how to check pretty easily: http://www.amberteethingnecklace.org/easy-tests-to-identify-real-amber/

Where to buy? Facebook me and I can give you a name or two, or do your own search. Etsy is definitely a great place to start! Good luck :)

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