Monday, September 9, 2013

10+ Month Update :)

So life happens and blog posts apparently don't, sorry! Here's what's been going on in the Kelley household lately:

  • The twins are 10 months old!
  • They are still cloth diapered and living off of 99% mom milk/1% what they steal off mom's plate
  • They are full on crawling, pulling up on everything and anything, they have 2 bottom teeth, they are walking along furniture, saying "da-da", "ball", "ya", and "hi"'s possible there's more, but they really need to enunciate ;)
  • They adore bubble baths, but mostly just to eat the bubbles...
  • They play in an MMA cage at the gym where Daddy works, and aren't afraid to hit the hanging bags. Pretty much makes them the most bad ass babies you've ever met.
  • They use a sippy cup like pros
  • They don't like shoes...just like their mom!
  • Steve and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on August 22nd
  • Steve is still going strong full time at school with a 3.9 GPA and maintaining a successful fitness program at The Stomping Ground Fitness and MMA gym
  • I am somehow maintaining my sanity, our home, the health and happiness of our munchkins, and I have been sharing a lot of the fitness load lately. Feels amazing to finally feel strong again, I give push ups and burpees the credit for that.
  • We had a huge turnout (130 people! $2,000 raised!) for our charity boot camp to benefit a beautiful little girl and her family. We are looking forward to our next in November :)

I will do my darndest to get one of these things written at least twice a month!

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