Friday, September 27, 2013

11 month recap (from Dad)

As our boys approach the 11 month mark here are some things we have learned about who they are:

1-They laugh at everything. Even things that aren't suppose to be funny, like mom walking into the end of the bed and hopping around holding her foot in pain or dad walking into a wall and laying in the fetal position because his "funny" bone was not properly named. However, to them, we are just putting on a show and we are damn good at it.

2-At first, we were excited when they could hold their heads up. We couldn't wait for them to be able to sit up, crawl, stand up, and walk. Now they sit up, crawl, and stand up (walking is soon) and now we wish they would just lay down and chill out. We didn't realize they would be so good at all of this in what seems like an overnight transition.

3-They love all sorts of foods. Even foods that they at one point showed signs of not liking at first. Like banana's...they hated banana's. Would spit it out and make a huge mess, throwing it on the floor, the walls, getting it in their hair...guess what they love now?...banana's. Of course. They still do all of those things with it, but now they have a smile on their face.

4-They like naps. Just not naps during times that's convenient for us.

5-I am pretty sure they are a part of some kind of terrorist organization. One that breaks down your spirit with high screeches, drool, tears, explosive pooping, and peeing on you (this literally happened as recent as yesterday thanks to Langston). I still have to do some more investigation on this one. Will keep you posted.

6-Games like putting drool fingers in daddy's mouth, pulling mommy's hair, ripping our cats fur off are just ways to pass the time each day. This kind of reinforces point #5.

7-They don't like being woken up when they are sleeping. I find this ironic.

8-The more poop they have in their diaper the more they want to put their hands down there when you are changing them.

9-They make the cutest faces ever, until you take their picture.

10-They can drive you crazy all day and make you love them more than anyone or anything at the same time

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