Monday, October 21, 2013

One Year....

Man have I been dreading this post.

While Steve and I were going from this:
Daiquiri Deck

To this:
NICU seeing the babies for the first time
To this:

   Our twins have gone from this:
10 days old

To this:
6 months

To this:

Most recent together picture, 2 weeks shy of 1 year

In the damn blink of an eye (or maybe it was a nap, but I swear I'm not THAT negligent!), my tiny people grew into one year old's. Like in Space Balls, it went so fast that we went plaid!

My little Kingston and Langston were born at 5 pounds 15 ounces 19.5 inches and 5 pounds 9 ounces 18.1 inches, respectively. They were teeny tiny, pink, squeeky worms.

They are now crawling, walking (along stuff), standing (Langston on his own), destroyers of the house. If it's dangerous they want it. If it can hurt them, it's their favorite toy ever. They are at least 21 pounds each, and well beyond 10 inches more than their birth "heights." I am having a hard time squeezing their fat feet in size 4 baby shoes (I blame dad and his size 13 feet...).

In the past 12 months I have learned the following:

1. Newborns become babies VERY fast.
2. Babies have attitudes. They are the most egocentric people on the planet. And it's adorable.
3. Double babies try to kill each other.
4. Double babies try to kill you. And they fill everyday with so much love and laughter you can hardly stand it.
5. Double babies make going anywhere require a well thought out thesis (for STRANGERS that will triple your shopping trip allotted time).
6. Double redheaded babies require that you travel with birth certificates of ownership if you are not, in fact, a redhead.
7. Double redhead same sex babies (or maybe not same sex) must always be identical. If they are not, a parent must play along, otherwise their day will be hijacked by anyone and everyone trying to PROVE they are.
8. If you do not fit someone's mom mold, you are a nanny. Period. It is much easier to play along. Trust me on this one.
9. You will want to kick yourself for ever thinking you were busy before your had babies. (What the heck did I even do all day?!)
10. You will want to kick yourself harder for any time in your life that you didn't nap when you had the chance. You will also be willing to pay up to $100 or more per hour for someone to allow you to have one.
11. Slobber, pee, spit up, and many other bodily fluids will not seem nearly as weird or gross as you used to think they were. You might even learn how to accessorize with them.
12. You will wish you could slap yourself for ever saying something like "Okay, seriously, someone needs to shut that kid up" when you heard one crying in the grocery store before your had some of your own. That kid is now your kid. And you're totally comfortable letting them have an emotional breakdown while you meticulously scan nutrition information. In fact, you hardly even hear them. And you have total solidarity with other moms whose kids are losing their minds in the aisle with you. Or 4 over.
13. If you are breastfeeding with a cover, give it away or burn it. It's worthless, especially once your kiddos realize a world outside of their own, and nothing gets normalized by being hidden anyway mommas.
14. Going to a neighbor's house for one drink can absolutely take a week's worth of planning.
15. If you cloth diaper, within 20 seconds of putting your favorite one on your baby, they will have the most horrible potty experience known to man.
16. Nothing you did all day will ever seem like it was enough. Ever.
17. As soon as you wake up in the morning, it's all of a sudden bath time. (There MUST be a link here between why time seems to be on super fast forward).
18. You will attend more parties in the first year of your baby's life than you ever went to in your entire life. And they will all be for babies.
19. If you run, your normal pace will improve at an exponential rate from training with a stroller. The last non baby run I took I had shaved a good 2 minutes PER MILE off my time. I wish I knew this trick when running was all I did!
20. The pregnancy you wished to be over so that you could meet this little one (or little ones) will be followed by a blink, a first birthday, and consecutive years of trying to rewind time. Time that will be gone and not found on any DVR or TV, no matter how many videos you recorded. Your little person, or persons, are now bigger people, and they change and grow every. single. day.

I can only imagine that I will be blinking, and then crying incredulously, as I am now, in 17 years as they graduate from high school (please!) and go on to do ridiculously (they're redheads...) awesome things afterwards. I want them to be their own people, as they are so obviously now, and make mistakes and call us when they need help and prove us wrong when we make sweeping statements, and prove us even more wrong if we ever say anything like what the world seems to say to every kid: you can't.

In every generation it's said "why would you bring children into this world?" and it's always the same answer, no matter what, it's love. Love for the past, love for the present, and/or love for the future. That's what makes babies.

In one week my itty bitties will be one. And this momma can't seem to wrap her head around any part of it.

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