Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Twins vs. Halloween

I once was a thrown together southern whatever for Halloween back in 2011 with some friends. We went out, I drank soda (I didn't drink before I had twins...) and I think I was home before midnight. Steve and I hadn't quite gotten it together yet. That was about 2 weeks away from Halloween 2011... For fun I tried to recreate it 5 weeks before the twins were born in 2012 (I was 30+ weeks pregnant with them). By the grace of some unknown I don't know I squeezed into the same getup, shorts and all...although they didn't button or zip, but hey, that's what the belly was for! And tonight, just for fun, here you have it. Moral of this story is: Babies can do some crazy things to your holiday outfits.

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