Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Being Frustrated Is Like Being Clean. And I Still Haven't Learned To Pick My Battles.


Before I had my twins I would get frustrated over the tiniest things. I think I have realized that the feeling of frustration is very similar to the feeling of being clean. Both take on significantly different meanings after you have children. For example, I used to feel frustrated if:

I was 2 minutes late for something
I spilled something on my shirt (ha)
I had to wait in line
I caught all the red lights
Etc, etc, etc

I used to feel dirty if I didn't get a shower at the exact moment I felt I wanted one. I don't think I ever get a shower at that moment anymore. I think I have stopped wanting them actually! 

For some reason, unknown to me, it takes so much now to get me hot. Fired up. Angry! If it doesn't directly involve the well being of my family, I'm pretty laid back.


We started with one twin trying to skydive out of the cart at Target, a simultaneous ear splitting meltdown for no reason after eating dinner at home, and then we ended with a totally broken interior window shutter. Lately, well for the past 13 months or so, none of these things would have made me bat an eye.

But then I realized that interior shutters are the devil's work. These things are a nightmare to deal with. Our house was built in 1920, and I'm pretty sure the shutters were too. There is nothing convenient about them, and I think normally if they break, you buy new. I called bullshit (I am a moron). I was going to fix this thing if it killed me (it came so close). I tried 43 times with one piece still attached to the wall. I ripped it off (don't worry, I put the boys to bed after a bath and 3 bedtime stories first). Then I tried another 60 times with all of the pieces on the ground. I was about to set them on fire in my backyard and redecorate the bedroom. Then, by some window treatment miracle, I won. I fixed this stupid shutter, and did one hell of a happy dance (no, there is no video). I even had to semi sand and then paint the wall. It only took one hour and 38 minutes of meticulous maneuvers...

frustrated (grrrrrrrrrrrr)
but I did it!!!

After tonight's events I am wondering 2 things:
1. How in the heck did I defeat that thing? No seriously. I don't think they are supposed to be fixable.
2. Why did I get so frustrated?! I haven't felt impatient, hurried, or really angry about trivial things in so long. It's so odd. I hadn't even realized it until this stupid thing broke!

Maybe I should just go take a shower.

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  1. Claire, I love reading your new blogs, they're great. Namaste~