Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yeah Duh, Your Husband Is A Personal Trainer.....

Aside from "Double Trouble", the next most annoying thing I hear from people is about my fitness coming so easy to me because my husband is a personal trainer, and he works and teaches classes at a local gym.

Let's put this whole shtick to bed right now then.

#1. Yes. My husband is a trainer. So am I. Those two facts alone do not give me any extra time to work out in my day of insanity than any other mom. In fact, it can often take away from it, as he is with clients much of the time, and I am alone with the babies.

#2. Yes. My husband teaches classes at a local gym. However, being that I am responsible for the babies, and he is responsible for teaching, I can only attend 4 out of his 10, and usually only get 3 of the 4 workouts (babies are not known for being highly cooperative). I do try to make it to one other trainer's class each week as well, but like I said, I very often do not get the whole workout.

#3. No. What I don't do is come home and eat crap. What I don't do is watch TV. Ever. We have never had TV in our house, and you would be amazed at how much time you would have without it. (Yes, we have NetFlix and DVDs for moments of necessity, but I guarantee you the amount of television the average person watches has nothing to do with necessity).

#4. Yes. What I do is come home and eat a pretty clean diet. We don't eat chicken, red meat, or pork at home (but we do if we are at someone elses' home). We eat fish, veggie burgers, salads, pasta, quiche, soup, veggie burritos, etc. Do we ever have a cheat day and order pizza or chinese, sure, who doesn't? But they are pretty few and far between.

#5. No. If I didn't get my workout at the gym, I do not sit on my ass for the rest of the day. I take the babies on a walk. These usually range from 4-7 miles, depending on their tolerance. I also try to squeeze in at least a 10 minute high intensity living room/kitchen workout into everyday, gym workout or not.

#6. Yes. I remember one very important FACT when the babies are whining at home and I am trying for the second time to workout that day: A one hour workout is 4% of your day. Guess what. That means it's 4% of their day as well. Everyone will be alright. Finish your set.

#7. No. One day of inactivity and lousy food will not set me back. I simply pick up where I was and move on. You can't change what you did yesterday, neither can I, but you can change what you do from here on out.

#8. Yes. I have always been focused on fitness and health, didn't always do the right thing, but it was always my focus. Having babies does not make me a different person, but it can make someone who was never health focused take a closer look at their life.

#9. No. I never step on a scale. My clothes fit, why would I? And if they didn't, why would I? It's pretty simple: Eat better + Move more = better fitting clothes and a healthier feeling you. A scale is something processed meat companies need, not something people need.

#10. Yes. I eat. I eat all day. I eat at least every 2 hours, tons of protien (about 120g give or take, but that's based on my size and activity level), lots of fresh veggies and fruit, limited salt, tons of water. Cottage cheese, edamame, and veggie burgers are my go to lunch bowls. Point is, eat. You need energy to keep up with your life, and your muscles need all the power they can get to get through your workouts and playtime with your kids.

Everyone has their fitness struggles. It doesn't come easy to anyone. I mean hell, look at my husband, if he is teaching classes and training clients, when does he work out? Trust me when I say it is at very odd times.... Let's all get a little more sweaty and a lot less judgey :)

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