Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aesthetically Pleasing...Yeah Okay...

Dear Moms,

Do you remember spending amazing amounts of time getting ready to go out? Doing your hair, your makeup, nails, the whole bit?

My original Mypace picture! (2004...oi...)

Thanksgiving 2011

Ah the distant memories of tanning, and dying, and acrylic, and wax. Long past are the days of stress free "primping" and taking all the time in the world to decide what to wear before leaving the house...for the grocery store, or some other ridiculous, who cares, trip. go nowhere....

These days I'm lucky if I am out of sweatpants or spandex for such excursions, and I usually have my 2 hot new accessories with me when I go: The Twins. And thank goodness, because no one sees me or has any idea that I haven't brushed my hair all day when they are distracted by cuteness in a pair.

I used to think that there was some necessity to all of it, looking a certain way. Now it's pretty much whatever. My days are full, I mean FULL, and the last thing that I am going to worry about is what my hair looks like. I have two little people who want to play, and throw balls under the couch (where the cat hair is) and have me retrieve them....over....and over....and over.... And when they get tired they usually like to have a snack, and wipe most of it on my pants and in my hair.

Now...literally...right now

Jeanette from the Chipmunks...what my hair looks like 99% of the time...minus the cute bow (sigh)


Yes there are date nights and special occasions that I give myself a once over with mascara or what not, but other than that, it's seriously not a focus at the moment. Aesthetics and image are really pretty stupid if you ask me, I mean, who honestly cares? I'm not promoting giving up on yourself in any way, my health and fitness are very important to me, but as far as the Pretty Pretty Princess shit goes, why? Last I remember, no one cared when I did all that crap anyway. I never changed the world with my tan or helped any one with my blonde highlights, and I sure as hell didn't get anything out of my nails other than injured nail beds.

Now listen, if you can pull of managing a household, wrangling one year old twins, and helping with your husband's fitness business in heels with perfectly manicured hair, you go with your bad self and I am impressed. But if you are like me, and I'm guessing the lot of us, then lay off yourself and stop stressing over the bullshit, because that's what it is. You don't need to look like Miss America to be doing the absolute best job that anyone could be doing for your family. Stop shaming yourselves in the mirror and think about all of the really important and amazing things that are happening around you right at this moment.
My favorite picture of myself, because it includes my greatest accomplishments.

Jeanette.... I mean, Claire

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