Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This May Be War

I wasn't going to, but I've decided to weigh in on this issue. There's this new mom Caroline Berg Erikson, she is a wife to pro soccer player Lars-Kristian Eriksen. She's beautiful, she's a fitness blogger, and she recently gave birth to a daughter. Then, four days later, she decided to take and tweet a selfie of her postpartum body. I hate selfies, but I get it, document the after birth stuff. Document your progress. I did that. She wrote the caption "I feel so empty...4 days after birth." Then I saw the picture. And I was wondering if there was a webpage malfunction. I literally wondered if it was a real picture. Oh, it was.

The picture? Well here it is:
Erikson http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/mom-under-fire-post-baby-body-selfie-215700858.html

At first I was like "Hey cool! Go you!" But then I read some of the comments about the picture, and I thought about what she was really striving for by posting it. I mean look at her posture. Her expression. Her choice of clothing. Is anything about the picture saying "I feel so empty"? What is her point? It looks a little more like she's saying "Look how awesome I look! I just had a baby and I bet I look better than you!" which would be sort of alright, kind of (not really, but I'm trying hard to see this from her point of view...postpartum hormones make women nuts). Unfortunately I also know that she spoke openly about a very minimal raw/vegan diet while pregnant that caused her followers to wonder if she was providing enough nutrients to her then unborn baby. Based on this information I can't respect her or her picture. By all accounts she limited herself to the bare minimum during her pregnancy so as not to put on any weight, and she lucked out on the swelling and/or placement of her uterus. Posting this picture makes other women, moms or not, feel like failures. It's unrealistic, it's unhelpful, it's selfish. Where is the baby? I'm sure her followers would have rather seen a picture of her newborn daughter than her cleavage in a push up. Some of her critics are claiming she declared war with other moms by posting the picture. I'm sure she didn't mean to, but I think she may have.

Kang http://www.mariakang.com/

I have publicly stood behind Maria Kang, the fitness dedicated mom of three who was recently banned from Facebook for standing by her comments that glamorizing obesity is a bad idea for our society. But honestly, who disagrees with that? Obesity is a problem of titanic proportions in our country, we shouldn't try to dress it in heels and make it look sexy, I'm sorry if that offends, but I would like to think that my children and theirs have a brighter future than the human race in the movie Wall-E. Maria has also been honest about the work it takes to be fit and raise a family. So have I. It's damn hard. That's the point I'm trying to make. It doesn't happen instantaneously, and if you are going to be a "fitness blogger" then maybe try being helpful. Share what you are doing, what is working for you, but for God sakes don't portray it as easy and effortless. Erikson was doing nothing more than being a narcissist. Nice abs Honey, maybe you should go enjoy and hold your daughter, who I'm sure will have a very healthy body image growing up....

Here's mine (my whole fitness journey can be found in previous posts, namely the "WTF Happened To My Body" ones):

last pregnancy picture

2 days postpartum in NICU

2 weeks postpartum

7 weeks postpartum
my behind...one year later

My journey with fitness is about being healthy and fit for my kids. If that means I am comfortable in a bikini at the beach, sweet, but it will never be about "looking great in my underwear." I want to be able to run and jump and chase my guys all over the place for as long as I can. That is all. Please don't buy into the glamorization of narcissism, whether it's to make obesity sexy or make new moms feel like they aren't good enough. It's societal crap. Just be healthy, be comfortable, be you.


  1. Rock on Mama! That picture is ridiculous -- unless she had a plastic surgeon right there to perform liposuction after her c-section or something ?!

  2. What a great post! And I love seeing the Kang picture one week after giving birth - THAT is much more normal than Erickson. i honestly don't even believe that picture, at all. Whatever. And yes, clearly differently motivated.

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