Monday, January 13, 2014

Twins Will Be Twins

Parents will totally to relate to this list of things that are commonplace in a household with more than one child. The thing is though, many of these things began very early on for us parents of multiples. I mean, when you have one 4 month old, chances are they aren't swatting themselves in the face, one 11 month old probably isn't making himself cry by taking off all of his clothes, and one 14 month old probably isn't having all of his food stolen and thrown on the floor....

Not in the mood to have a brother.

1. Sharing. Or not sharing rather. From day one your children must share your attention, affection, and guidance. They must share food, clothes, toys, books, and virtually everything else in their lives.

2. Hitting. From the moment they learn how, they will. Hard to reason with a 6 month old about why it isn't alright to beat the crap out of their 6 month old sibling.

3. Hair Pulling. Another "This is awesome" discovery that is hard to stop. If it seems fun, chances are they are going to do it.

4. Weapons. Pretty much anything and everything is a weapon to a small child when there are other children (or anyone really) in close proximity.

5. Diapers. Taking off their sibling's diapers can be great fun. And a great big mess, usually ending in hysteria.

6. Biting. How often to first time parents of one deal with this one? Oh your kid bit you? Sorry, but totally not the same as watching them try to gnaw off their brother's finger in the back of the car when you're on the interstate.

7. Bath Time. Trying to dunk one another under water is apparently hilarious, and mom just doesn't understand.

8. Messes. The mess that one child can make is astounding. The mess that two or more can create is ridiculous. The mess that two or more of the same age with no reasoning skills whatsoever can make is catastrophic.

9. Shopping. How easy do you think it is to get from the car to the double carts (which are kept inside of most grocery stores) with more than one child that cannot walk? You're right, it isn't easy. And if you make the trip only to find that there are no more double carts because parents of ONE child are using them, and so now you have to go back to the car, and sometimes home to get the stroller, you will probably decide that the frozen peas that you have in your freezer will suffice as dinner.

10. Meltdowns. Yeah it sucks when a kid is having a meltdown. You have to pick them up and calm them down. Now do that with two. Or three kids. From the very moment you get discharged from the hospital and you are a brand new mom or dad. Yeah, didn't think so.

Sleepy angels who didn't want to nap separated on this day.

But here's the really good stuff:

11. Kisses. When your little people want to give hugs and kisses, you get them all multiplied!

12. Giggles. Times two!

13. Play Time. No real need for mom or dad to intervene. They want to play with each other :)

14. Firsts. Every "first" gets to happen more than once. From waving, to words, to crawling, to dancing, and beyond.

15. Dancing. It's a full on dance party whenever a "cool" song comes on. You know, like "The Wheels On The Bus."

16. Food. When one isn't feeling the meal you prepared, normally the other is. It's pretty rare anything gets wasted.

17. Cuddles. From the very beginning you get to watch your little people give each other hugs!

18. Love. It pours out of children almost continuously. And with more than one it is all multiplied from the very first day you became a parent.

Being a parent is hard no matter how many children you have. Us parents of multiples just had to learn how to multitask a little more quickly than most. Thanks for reading, carry on being the badass parent that you are!

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