Monday, March 10, 2014

Babies Make People Awkward

I began drawing a lot of attention wherever I went once I became mom to my two fiery redheaded twins. People don't notice me at all. I could literally be on fire, and all they would see would be the babies, which is fine by me because I don't always remember to brush my hair.

What is worth noting is what some of these people say, or more accurately, yell across an awkward distance at me.  It usually goes like this:
a)they see the double stroller
b)they see it contains twins
c)they see the red hair on the twins
d)they blurt the first thing that comes to their mind
e)they shake their own head at themselves (at least I think they do. I'm usually 40 paces away by this point shaking my own head.)

I thought I'd compile a little list of some weird things that have been said to me in the last few weeks on my walks to the park at Bayfront. Remember, these have all been said in passing by complete strangers. These are not snippets from conversations. I never got a chance to respond, and many of these people were riding past on bicycles.

1. "Oh I always wanted twins! How did you make that happen?"-female jogger, one earphone out to yell out to me, mid 30s

2. "Red hair? On both? Harry look!"-older lady on bicycle

3. "Good thing it wasn't triplets."-older man on bicycle

4. "Bet you were surprised there was another one in there."-female dog walker, 40s

5. "That stroller is a bit big for this sidewalk don't you think?"-older man on bicycle

6. "Twins!!! My friend in Indianapolis is a twin."-female speed walker, 50s

7. "That must be a nightmare."-female jogger, 30s

8. "Oh my god! What would you do if you had that in your belly?"-female walker, 30s, said to her pregnant friend

9. "You poor thing. Just wait 5 to 10 years."-female on bicycle, 40s

10. "Your husband must be a big guy."-man on bicycle, 40s *hands down weirdest assumption/remark*

Even if I had been given the opportunity to respond to these, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to. Our life is a circus, but it's also pretty much the best things ever. :)

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