Monday, March 10, 2014

BookFace: I Can't Always Make You Smile. But I Will Try.

I was recently told that people enjoyed "following" me and my family on social media and that I should be careful to stick to motivating, validating, and esteem boosting, rather than use my facebook page for sharing anything else.

Well, you have to know that I don't ever sit quietly while getting told what I should and shouldn't be doing. Last I checked I was a 29 year old mother of two with a degree, a great career history, and a fabulous family. Basically, I'll do what I want, just as you should.

So I got to thinking...what is Facebook for? I joined way back when. When it was reserved for college students and you needed your school email to even sign up. My school email was about 43 random characters long, yet I still remember it because I'm still using it for Facebook today. Back then it was a social media outlet to connect with your new school friends, find your old school friends, and let people know what you were thinking at any given moment. That's pretty much all it was.

Then it opened up and allowed more and more and more people. Man I remember when my parents got Facebook accounts. Talk about a strange day! Anyway, I digress. Point is, Facebook, although it's changed, is still basically the same thing it was in the beginning. A place to connect with people, and share things. Nowhere is there a rule, not even an unwritten one, that says you can only share positive messages, fluffy puppies, and self esteem boosters for your "followers."

I agree that marketing on Facebook should be done carefully, and business pages do have a responsibility to their clients, but as far as personal pages, if you don't appreciate a "friend's" point of view, then as far as I'm concerned you have three options:

1. "Keep calm and scroll on." No one is compelling you to like, comment, or even think about any of the stuff you see your feed.

2. "Un-follow" the person. So simple. Click their profile and click "unfollow." You'll never see their stuff again unless you go directly to their page.

3. "Un-friend"/Block the person. Never worry about them bothering your brain again!

It's no one's job to make you smile, get you to the gym, or make you feel better about yourself except you. If you expect everything with my name attached to it that comes up on your feed to make you go:
then you are going to have a really tough life. I do my best to share fun pictures of my family's antics, promote our charity work, and joke from time to time, but I have always, and will always, use my personal pages to share anything I choose to.

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